Season 6 Of The Walking Dead Doesn’t Sit Well With Many



And there you go.

The season finale of The Walking Dead, complete with the introduction of a mind game playing, obviously sadistic Negan.

And (for many) one hell of a frustrating cliffhanger to leave us with.

In a manner of speaking, I called the scenario a couple posts back: “The really big cliffhanger would work up to a point that someone is about to die at Negan’s hand but we won’t ultimately know who because, right at that moment, the finale concludes. We’re left hanging as to an outcome.”

So it pretty much happened as I called out in that final theory. The part I got wrong? Someone actually did get clubbed to death. We weren’t led to it and then left hanging. It happened. Bloodily.

Given TWD producers’ bents toward cliffhangeriness it was a pretty predictable outcome, giving us something to ponder until October’s season 7 debuts. If you are mad/frustrated/exasperated/outraged by the ending of the finale? You really haven’t been paying much attention to previous seasons of TWD. It’s not like it’s unprecedented.

But I understand if you are one of those folks who may be angry with what was left to us. After all, it’s a looooooooooooooooooooong 6 months to wait.



The episode itself wasn’t a bad one. I don’t think it needed to be 90 minutes long. It became a bit tedious with all the stop/starts Rick and his crew experienced each time they rounded a bend and immediately needed to bring the RV to a halt because of Savior barriers of one sort or another. Again, I understand the need. It’s all in the set up. It’s in the anticipation of the payoff experienced by the “campfire friendliness” at the end and Negan’s reveal. So, yeah … I get it.



The “B” story of Morgan and Carol, that was a fun little aside. We got introduced to The Kingdom residents who appear to be nothing if not cordial to a fault. So Carol lives, Morgan lives, neither were subject to the horrors Negan doled out. (Though, granted, Carol does have a few more orifices to her name.) And! Morgan shot that Savior dead. Six times! Pacifist though he might be, he proved Carol’s rule: You kill for the one’s you care about, you kill for the ones you love. (Side Note: That “You Are Alive” poster Morgan walked by? Funny stuff. Blatant clue he isn’t going anywhere soon.)

Now … let’s do a bit of theorizing once more to give us something to ponder over and sail off into the sunset of TWD off season, hokay?

Who is it Negan kills? It’s Glenn or Daryl, if I have my way. I’m betting on it going forward.



Most of you know Glenn was offed in the comics by Negan. (If not, *whoops!* Spoiler!) And there was one glaring clue in the finale he might indeed meet his end. In that bloody show fade hear Negan cry out, “Taking it like a trooper!” That’s lifted right out of the pages of the comic. That might be the biggest clue of all of Glenn during his final live moments. I’ve mentioned it before: His nine lives are about up. This would be a “fitting” end with a nod to canon.

But then? There’s Daryl. Who I’ve hypothesized would be a bold and brazen move on the part of The Walking Dead writers. If it is Daryl who dies, it was a wise move for The Powers That Be not to reveal it was he who got bludgeoned. Why? That little rioting thing that’s been suggested and written about and commented on over and over again over the internet, in chat rooms, among fandom. Daryl dies and the fans come unglued, go berserk, commit bonkerism. And going berserk with a six month reprieve while the show is on hiatus? Not a good thing. That would be an agonizing frustration and a cruel way to leave things hanging. In the event of Daryl’s last day on earth, we would want to see the aftermath posthaste; we wouldn’t want to ruminate on it for half a year. That would be cruel, indeed. If it really is Daryl, TWD is wise to leave that for the season opener.

Why do I believe it’s either Glenn or Daryl Negan ultimately chooses? On top of hypotheses written about previously, there are all those “point of view” perspectives from inside the cage(s) the finale kept flashing, light gleaming through airholes in the cages of the captured (Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Rosita). Michonne’s a survivor, she’s not going anywhere. Neither is Rosita, her death wouldn’t make much sense or have a point to it. That’s why it has to be Glenn or Daryl – their deaths would offer the most payoff. Gruesome … horrifying … shocking … but uncomfortably satisfying.

Mark my words. You have 6 months to think about it. Get thinking, already. The time will fly by before you know it.

What did you think of the finale? Who do you think met their maker in the finale? Did the producers over-hype the finale? Tell us in the comments below. We want to hear from you!

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  1. I think it’s Abraham, unless they do something completely crazy, like following the comic story line for example. I think Negan recognized him as someone who would not easily bend to his will.