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Feud digs deep into Mommie issues

Anyone who knows anything about Joan Crawford is sure to know about the infamous tell all written by her daughter Christina which was made into the notoriously (unintentionally) campy, now ...
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Donald Cried is an introspective indie from a new aspiring auteur

I feel like I see a lot of indie movies about the “man child” or the “prodigal son returning home,” some of which are better, others which are not. I’ve ...
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Stomp brings joyful cacophony across the land

There aren't many touring shows that can boast of a twenty-two year longevity, but the smash percussive/dance/comedy show Stomp has been at it since 1995 in the US along. The ...
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Puzzle pieces finally come together on Time After Time

After a couple of frustrating outings for Time After Time, the show seems to have finally found its footing with the fourth episode "Secrets Stolen." Of course, more questions are ...
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The Good Fight rips from the headlines

The Good Wife found ways to dramatize current events within its storytelling, and The Good Fight is following in those footsteps, particularly as it addresses the world under a Trump ...
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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast brings the classic tale to life

It's the "tale as old as time" that Disney brought to the big screen in a wondrous animated version back in 1991, scoring the first ever Best Picture Oscar nominee ...
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Survivor loses its first uninteresting contestant but keeps its goats

Previously on Survivor, “game” changers, one tribe lost two: Ciera and Tony, who lost to fellow “royalty” Sandra. This latest episode was called “Survivor Jackpot” and seemed to be implying a ...
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Conflict on The Walking Dead

Season 7 of The Walking Dead continues to vacillate between good, bad and lifeless (no pun intended) episodes. Fortunately for viewers we got a pretty good one this time around. I ...
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‘Girls’ plays light for a while until it goes for the jugular

Previously on Girls, Hannah got advice, Jessa and Adam had a movie idea, Ray’s boss Hermie died, and Hannah is pregnant. This time, a gummi marijuana worm is the latest metaphor ...
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Box Office Report :: March 10-12

Well, it wasn't a Godzilla-sized opening weekend, nor even a Logan, but Kong still proved to be king with Kong: Skull Island topping the charts with $61 million, better than ...
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Bette and Joan’s Feud goes into the gutter

This week's episode of Feud: Bette and Joan speaks volumes to how women are treated in the workplace, in the public eye, and even among private citizens. Hollywood was always ...
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Time After Time poses a lot of questions

Time travel stories are extremely tricky to pull off, especially when they're set in the real world in real time. The minute something happens to change the course of an ...
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