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A classic Survivor blindside showcases one particular player

Previously on Survivor, Zeke and Andrea faced off, there was a seemingly powerful six person alliance, but Sarah turned on them and voted out Debbie. This is one of those classic ...
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Agents of SHIELD say Farewell Cruel World

What a surprise, Agents of SHIELD starts with a flashback, this time ten days ago. Focusing briefly on the real world, we see that the team members left behind have ...
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An absent mother returns to Riverdale

The title of this week's episode, "To Riverdale and Back Again", was perplexing as all the others had been actual movie titles. Turns out this one is taken from a ...
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Everyone is after Alex on Supergirl

Have the writers of Supergirl woken up a little? Have they listened to the blogosphere and heard the many, many complaints people have had about the downturn in quality? I ...
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Lucifer returns with a big surprise

Let's see, it's been about three months since Fox last aired a new episode of Lucifer, and the "mid-season" return is now only going to consist of four episodes rather ...
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The Court of Owls plan to make Gotham great again

Edward Nygma finally transformed completely into The Riddler in the previous episode and this week ... he's nowhere to be found. Instead, the Court of Owls takes center stage with ...
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The 2017 Tony Awards Nominations

With a field of 13 new musicals and 10 new plays, not to mention the revivals, Broadway had a big year with some surprisingly socially conscious productions lighting up the ...
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It was lights, camera, action on Dancing with the Stars’ A Night at the Movies

This week's theme was "Movie Night" on Dancing with the Stars, but it had a slight twist from Movie Nights past. Each remaining competitor and their partner was asked to ...
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Box Office Report :: April 28-30

It was an odd weekend at the box office that featured some newcomers that surprised and disappointed while the established heavy-hitters managed to continue to do some robust business. In first ...
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American Gods is a beautiful, brutal, bizarre adaptation of the novel

Spoilers to follow for “The Bone Orchard,” the premiere episode of American Gods. I have read the book, but I will not mention any spoilers from that. I have been reading ...
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Doctor Who skates on Thin Ice

Bill continued supplying interesting insight in this week’s episode of Doctor Who, “Thin Ice”. Following directly the end of last week, our team found themselves in the early 1800s. Bill ...
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Ingrid Goes West :: Teaser Trailer

Following the death of her mother and a series of self-inflicted setbacks, young Ingrid Thorburn escapes a humdrum existence by moving out West to befriend her Instagram obsession, a Los ...
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