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Logan Lucky :: Trailer

Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina. The Logans are a hardscrabble family from the hills of West Virginia, and their clan ...
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The Wedding Plan is a refreshing romantic angle on religious marriage obsession

Sometimes I think romantic comedies are all about getting that one clever tag line. In the case of this movie, it’s actually a pretty good one. And to be honest, ...
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Twin Peaks begins to add things up with Episode 4

After a totally bizarre and challenging third episode -- not that there's anything wrong with that -- David Lynch gives us a fourth chapter that actually feels like classic Twin ...
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Familiar faces and more weirdness permeate Twin Peaks

With the heralded return of Twin Peaks, reaction has been all over the map. And I don't think things are going to get any better with the third and fourth ...
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Two Road Blocks and one subway shake up The Amazing Race

With only four teams left in The Amazing Race hoping to secure a spot in the Final Three for the finale, everyone headed to Seoul, South Korea to hopefully make ...
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Johnny Depp sets sail for the ‘final’ Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Can you believe it's been fourteen years since Johnny Depp first took on the character of Captain Jack Sparrow, earning an Oscar nomination and the hearts of millions in the ...
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Baywatch is decently funny and completely forgettable

When it comes to film adaptations of TV shows, the pinnacle is Serenity. But if we’re talking about comedy remakes, The Addams Family tops the list, with 21 Jump Street ...
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Survivor crowns a new winner after a fairly tense finale

Previously on Survivor, it was quite an up and down season with Andrea and Michaela most recently sent home. And heading into the finale, Sarah has a legacy advantage, Tai ...
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ABC’s Dirty Dancing remake features faithful footwork with a few twists

It’s been 30 years since audiences first fell in love with Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle’s love story set at Kellerman’s resort in the summer of ‘63. I’m of ...
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Dancing with the Stars’ finale was uptown funky fresh

This post has been updated with night 2 of the finale. Can you believe we're on the eve of another Dancing with the Stars finale? Due to only being an ...
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Nevertheless, Supergirl Persisted

That’s a wrap on Supergirl season 2! What a rocky and topsy-turvy season it was too. So picking up right where last week left off, Superman fighting Kara, and we ...
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American Gods :: Git Gone

Note: Spoilers to follow for “Git Gone”, the latest episode of American Gods. I have read the book, but I will not mention any spoilers from that. So there is a ...
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