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Young Frankenstein is alive, ALIVE at Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Columbia

I've been reviewing the shows at Toby's Dinner Theatre for a year now, and while the shows are always of the highest quality, the subject matter of the majority of them often comes with more ...
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Grey’s Anatomy :: Personal Jesus

I can’t even properly go on the bender I was about to go on over this being a Kepner-centric episode because bigger than how much Kepner-centric episodes tend to suck, and all the in-your-face-religion-turned-doubt, which ...
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Dynasty :: All tied up

This week's episode of Dynasty was basically an exercise in wrapping up a storyline and introducing a few crumbs for possible plot twists to come. The story picks up the morning after Fallon's birthday party ...
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Riverdale heads down a dark path

We're at the halfway point for Riverdale's second season and the show is really taking a disturbing turn. I mean, the first season was all about the death of Jason Blossom, of course, and while ...
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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again :: Trailers

Get ready to sing and dance, laugh and love all over again.  Mamma Mia Here We Go Again is going through Donna's young life, experiencing the fun she had with the three possible Dad's of Sophie ...
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The X-Files :: Believe it… or not

It's that time of the season that most people look forward to - the Darin Morgan episode of The X-Files. Last season's 'Mulder & Scully Mee the Were-Monster' got mixed reaction from the fans but ...
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Supergirl returns to Fort Rozz

Supergirl went all in on girl power this week. Hardly a man was to be seen and the ladies brought their A game. This episode, “Fort Rozz”, was a perfect example of a good episode ...
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The 90th Annual Academy Award Nominees

The 90th Annual Academy Awards nominations have been announced, and this year features a very diverse list of nominees, some surprising snubs and some adverse reaction to the controversies stirred up by the Harvey Weinstein ...
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Box Office Report :: January 19 – 21

It was a good weekend at the box office with three new releases outperforming industry and studio expectations, but nothing could come close to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle which held on to the top ...
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Parallel lives intersect on Discovery

At the end of the previous episode of Star Trek: Discovery, we noticed that puzzling smirk on Lorca's face when he saw Emperor Georgiou and now we know why ... and another fan theory has ...
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It’s Jessica Chastain’s game on SNL

Trump Doctor Press Conference Cold Open Alex Baldwin took another week off leaving Aidy Bryant (as Sarah Huckabee Sanders) and Beck Bennett to carry the Cold Open, but this time Bennett was playing Dr. Ronny Jackson, ...
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Is this the Last Day for SHIELD?

I give the writers on Agents of SHIELD credit, they go for it, I mean really take big swings sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they’re always home runs. Such was the case with “The Last ...
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