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We’ve already got one instance of interpersonal conflict among the mutants on The Gifted, so we really don’t need another one, especially since the one between Clarice and Dreamer is pretty much being ignored. (And why Clarice won’t let Dreamer remove the memory of Johnny, I’ll never know, but she’s fine with asking Dreamer to erase the memories of a child who witnessed the murders of her adoptive family — coincidentally the same family that raised Clarice.) So now we have to endure conflict and hurt feelings between Polaris and Marcos. Yawn. Especially since Polaris won’t even give Marcos a second to explain, and even when he does get a word in edgewise, she’s already made up her mind that he loved blowing up stuff for his ex-girlfriend as well as the peck on the cheek she gave him (I saw a man holding back rage, for what it’s worth). Hopefully we can move past this plotline quickly.

In terms of plot convenience, this week some new mutants were introduced into the fold, a group that had been in hiding at a church but with Sentinel Services lurking around, they needed a safer haven. One of them just happened to be able to read minds, sort of, and she was getting some bad signals from one of the people in their group who, it turns out, was one of the turned mutants working for Sentinel. With an embedded tracking device, it was no wonder the group was in danger of being found.


Back at headquarters, they weren’t quite sure what to do with this traitor who seemed to not be able to speak. And she also appeared to be on some kind of heavy duty drugs that Sentinel Services jacked them up with … and not something that should be cold turkeyed. But with her ability to move super fast, it was nearly impossible to contain and sedate her, but Andy and Lauren figured out a way to work together to make that happen with him pushing her against the back bars of the cell and Lauren holding her in place with a shield so that their mother could administer the sedative. And luckily they had a new mind-reading mutant on hand to try to figure out what Sentinel Services was up to … and then the captive died without really being able to tell them much about what or who is turning mutant against mutant. But at least her death brought Polaris and Marcos together in a bit of mourning.


The real big story this week was Reed Strucker’s decision to pay a visit to the father he hadn’t spoken to in twenty years to find out what Trask Industries is up to. The father-son reunion (with Johnny in tow) was a bit prickly considering Otto had never even met his grandchildren but when you ditch your family, you have to expect some kind of blow-back from that. Reed tried to find out what his father did at Trask, but Otto would just say it was classified and Trask was no longer in business. Yeah, they are, Reed told him and the old man looked as if he’d seen a ghost. Time to have a private talk. Sorry Johnny.

Now at the top of the episode, we were introduced to two young people in 1950s London, Andreas and his sister Andrea, who had the same powers as Andy and Lauren. When the two found a way to combine their powers, they became formidable foes which means Andy and Lauren could also turn out to be quite dangerous. And why is this story so important is because Otto is the son of Andreas von Strucker and … he’s a mutant as well. His work with Trask was to find a way to kill the X-gene in those who had it and his guinea pig was … Reed. Yes, Reed, the man who has made a career of prosecuting mutants, would have been a mutant himself if dear old dad hadn’t experimented on and nearly killed him.

Without a whole lot of time to process all this information, Dr. Campbell shows up with Pulse and Sentinel officers. Pulse prevents Johnny from using his powers but Otto shows just how powerful his family is by basically becoming a bomb, taking out Pulse and apparently injuring Campbell, who was seen covering his face while running away. Unfortunately, Otto was shot before he detonated, leaving Reed to mourn his father and Johnny to mourn Pulse (and excuse me, but why cast someone like Zach Roerig in the role of Pulse and give him basically nothing to do?), taking their bodies and burying them somewhere in a forest. That’s all fine and dandy but was leaving a picture of the Strucker family on Otto’s burial mound really the best thing to do? Perhaps Reed was still flummoxed by the news and his father’s last words of warning to protect his kids, and protect the world from them. Oooooh, are Andy and Lauren going to become super-villains?! And did Otto preserve any of his work after making apparently just a single dose of his X-gene cure? Hopefully all of this new information will kick the story into gear considering the season finale is about a month and half away.

The Gifted returns Monday, December 4 at 9:00 PM on FOX.

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