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After a couple of weeks of going nowhere fast, The Gifted finally gave us some forward movement as drama came to a head within the Mutant Underground, and the Strucker family faced the challenges of adapting to their “new normal.” On the outside, Jace Turner was struggling with his daughter’s death for a second time after Dreamer screwed with his head.

Speaking of Dreamer, she’s nothing but trouble. She seems to have little regard for anyone but herself. She disregarded Johnny when he told her not to mess with Clarice’s head, but she did anyway and even when Johnny was feeling bad about what they did, Dreamer just brushed it off. She didn’t even seem concerned that what she did drove Clarice away — and Johnny really didn’t help matters with his non-apologetic rationalization. But at least Johnny has a conscious bugging him about what happened. All Dreamer is concerned about it getting into Johnny’s pants.

For the Strucker family, this whole experience is really taking them out of their comfort zones. Having just been reunited, Reed needs to go off again with Marcos to try to get some documents from a courthouse in Baton Rouge pertaining to Polaris and other mutants that Reed prosecuted and vanished after being transported there. Johnny and Marcos are very intent on learning how Sentinel Services have turned mutants against their own. The only problem is that Clarice, tired of being used, has “blinked” out and they can’t create a portal to get into the courthouse.


But there is someone who can help — Andy Strucker. He’s the only one who can quickly get through a concrete wall and against his mother’s wishes, Reed allows Andy to accompany him and Marcos on the trip in the back of a semi. But there is suspicion all around and their truck is stopped by a police officer who demands to see what’s in the trailer. The driver really has no choice but to oblige, and here we learn that Marcos can not only emit bright beams of light from his fingertips, but he can absorb light as well (I wonder if they’re making these powers up as the story dictates). Shining a flashlight into the trailer, it seems to trail off into darkness, perplexing the cop but … in the nick of time he gets a call and leaves. Whew, that was close. And very coincidental. Thank you, plot device gods.

Once in Baton Rouge, Andy gets through the wall and they manage to set off every alarm in the building, but they get the files they need (and Reed spots a photo of himself and some others on the wall). But Sentinel is on to them since the driver said he was going to Denver and ended up quite a bit south of there. How are they going to get out of this mess?

Luckily, back at headquarters, Polaris had taken to training some of the more powerful kids under their protection, including Lauren Strucker and a new arrival, Wes, who also has the hots for Lauren. Wes has the ability to create a projection of any scene, as he demonstrated to Lauren when she said she wanted to finish school and move to Florence … although he projected Rome, but who’s counting. Kate, however, was not too keen on Polaris throwing saw blades at her daughter, but when her husband and son were in danger of being captured by the Sentinels (again), she had no choice but to allow Lauren to go with Polaris to help them out. Luckily new guy Wes also had a power that would come in handy for this situation. Yes, there are a lot of coincidences here.


While the Sentinel agents have a road block in place, Polaris told Marcos to tell the truck driver to just keep on going no matter what he saw. Lauren had to create a barrier big enough and strong enough for the truck to drive on and over the barrier, something much larger than she’s ever done before, and perhaps would have been better prepared for if she didn’t have such a helicopter mom. But while “magnet girl” Polaris was pulling the bullets away from the truck, Lauren was able to create the barrier and the truck flew over the road block like the General Lee on The Dukes of Hazzard. I don’t know how that thing landed in one piece and was able to continue. Wes was then able to create an image of two trucks making a turn in opposite directions at the intersection while hiding the real truck as it drove ahead. And none of the agents and police officers even suspected. But one has to wonder just how far they got before Wes was no longer able to create the fake trucks. We’ll never know. But everyone is back safe and sound and Marcos and Johnny have what they need.

There were a few little character building moments this week. As the episode started, it was four years earlier, after the July 15 incident, and Johnny was working with a group collecting money for mutant victims of the incident. Explaining that he was a veteran who served two tours of duty didn’t seem to affect anyone when he started his spiel with “I’m a mutant veteran.” But after some yahoos showed up and threw a pipe bomb at the group, he was able to save everyone there but one act does not make people forgive something much bigger (and we really still don’t know what happened at the rally, so hopefully we’ll find out at some point — and who wants to bet the non-mutants are more responsible than the people with the X-gene?).

Reed and Andy finally had a moment to reconnect during their trip to Baton Rouge. A nice conversation quickly turned heated when Andy assumed his dad was telling him not to use his powers when it went from “how does it feel” to “you can kill people!” Reed needs to work on his parenting skills and he finally had the chance over a game of Monopoly back at headquarters. I want to say it probably went well, but that can be a cutthroat game that ends in hurt feelings and tears. Let’s hope Reed let Andy win.


We finally got the return of Doctor Campbell (and his own mutant handyman) this week after Agent Turner finally decided it was time to work with him. Turner was actually on a mandatory leave, which he refused to take, and Campbell showed up with his credentials restored … one on condition: he gets to see the files on the Strucker kids. Turner reluctantly agreed so he could get back to work. But he’s not really in a good place, ordering his men to start listening in on all mobile communications in the area, despite an agent telling him they needed a court order to listen in on every mobile device in Atlanta. Campbell seemed rather pleased with Turner’s attitude, but we still don’t know his connection to the Struckers and why he’s so interested in just those two kids.

Overall, a pretty good episode with some really nait-biting moments despite all of the way too convenient plot devices. Let’s keep this momentum going, shall we!

The Gifted airs Monday at 9:00 PM on FOX.

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