The Big Bang Theory wedding was a big bang of disappointment



I’ve been a fan of The Big Bang Theory since almost the beginning. They’ve always been those quirky, nerdy guys and girls that I could see myself being friends with. I could picture myself going to a comic con with Raj and Howard or seeing a movie with Leonard on what would probably be the best date ever or even spending an evening with Sheldon and Amy on the couch (not sitting in Sheldon’s spot of course), Netflixing and sharing a bowl of popcorn.

The past couple of seasons have been a bit of a love-hate relationship for me, as I find myself not caring as much about the characters or their fates these days. In fact, I barely watched any of last season’s episodes. However, when I found out Leonard and Penny were finally tying the knot for the season 9 premiere, my curiosity was rekindled and I found myself tuning in (well played, Big Bang Theory writers, well played). What I didn’t expect was the huge letdown; spoilers: not because they didn’t go through with the wedding, but rather the manner in which it all played out.

The idea of running away and eloping to Las Vegas doesn’t bother me. There’s still a bit of romanticism about that. Two people being so madly in love that they don’t want to wait another minute to pledge their undying devotion to each other. Weddings can be so expensive and stressful. You don’t need an entire church full of relatives you barely speak to in order to celebrate your union. I totally get why many choose to elope; and hey, if you’re going to elope, you may as well go all out – or all in – by doing it Vegas-style.

It was an unrealistic letdown that Penny and Leonard wouldn’t want their close-knit group of friends there for their nuptials. But, honestly, I think it’s pretty cool that people can live-stream chapel weddings in Vegas for friends and family back home now. Technology is always amazing me, and on a show where dorkiness and a dependency upon modern gadgetry is fully embraced, that part made sense for me. Also, why didn’t they opt for a nerdy themed wedding? No Han Solo-Princess Leia exchange of vows or walking down the aisle to the original Star Trek theme song? I suppose that might have felt a tad cliched. But it certainly would have been better than the actual wedding they – and the collective BBT fans – were given!

I honestly can’t imagine sitting through a more uncomfortable affair. The bride and groom-to-be were in the midst of a huge fight about a girl Leonard once made out with during his time at sea on a research trip. I endorse the idea of entering a marriage without any secrets and the notion of wanting to start things on a clean slate, but why did Leonard have to choose that exact moment to make his revelation? Why did they go through with the wedding at all at that point? There was nothing happy, special or romantic about Penny and Leonard’s nuptials. The rose petals that were supposed to have been strewn down the aisle as part of their wedding package were sadly missing and the suggestion of “using potpourri from the bathroom” was beyond pitiful sounding.

To make matters worse, Leonard had taken the time to jot some vows down (Leonard can be a total sweetheart – remember when he brought Penny back the snowflake from the North Pole? My heart melts every time I replay that scene), but the ditzy Penny could not even be bothered to come up with meaningful vows. She ended up quoting the lyrics to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story … seriously? I don’t know what exactly I was expecting, but I can’t help but feel more than a little disappointed with what I was given after the dramatic build-up of the past eight seasons. However, I do think the couple managed to look adorable for their big moment. I especially loved Penny’s simple but pretty pink dress.

I adore this couple. They’re proof that opposites attract. They’ve had many silly fights and break-ups, but they’ve also had many touching moments of tenderness. Unfortunately, neither their wedding nor their bickering-filled wedding night were tender memories to build a solid marriage upon. The couple continued to fight the rest of the episode, only to be perhaps slightly overshadowed by the ongoing bickering and break-up of Amy and Sheldon. The season 9 Big Bang Theory premiere left a bitter taste in my mouth, and I’m not sure what that means for the rest of the season. Can love conquer all? How much annoying drama can we expect to see next week? Can we give Stuart a bigger role in the group because, honestly, the man has earned it? His clumsy, albeit sleazy, attempts to hit on Amy and possibly Penny in the midst of the drama were among the few moments to earn my laughter. This was certainly not your typical TV wedding event. Good or bad though, I guess people are talking about a show that many consider past its prime.

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