Supergirl leads immigrants on an Exodus


Continuing the Jeremiah Danvers thread from last week, Supergirl wasted no time in revealing Cadmus’ plan: the abduction and deportation of aliens on earth. The opening scene in “Exodus” of a happy cookie cutter family being pulled over only to then be violently taken was an extremely effective and dark scene. Though the special ”tape” the fake police officer says will fix their taillight? What was that about? You could just ask them to exit their car. This roll of duct tape that they use again in a later abduction was an odd choice.

I think the MVP for saying the most with the least amount of screen time was Snapper Carr. Snapper’s character has been incredibly underused this season. Introduced as a replacement for Cat Grant, the writers never gave him anywhere near the amount or quality of material that Cat had. This week Snapper called Kara on a glaring hole that while touched on, finally got tackled head on. Kara is a terrible reporter. I still think having her follow in Clark’s footsteps was a mistake. It reinforced the idea that Supergirl is just a light version of her famous cousin instead of picking something that would really make her stand apart.

Kara decided to become a reporter on a whim and with Cat’s help, basically forced her way into a high profile job without ever paying her dues. The fact that Kara declares it a calling is laughable when she decides that a seasoned veteran of the bullpen like Snapper doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and doesn’t even understand why vetting a story and confirming with multiple sources is such an important part of journalism. When Snapper fires her, the move is completely warranted. I only hope they use this as a turning point and change of civilian career for Kara. If she somehow becomes a famous blogger or wins her way back into the paper then this is a waste of everyone’s time.

Lyra and Winn proved themselves to be one of “those couples” this week. You know the lovey dovey ones that make people roll their eyes at the excessive amounts of PDA. I kind of like that they paired Winn up with such an extrovert instead of just making them a stereotypical nerd-on-nerd love fest. Lyra is a wild, fun character who I still worry will end up having some ulterior motive.


Jimmy popped up this week … only to quickly disappear again. Sure he helps out Alex a bit as Guardian. But the only reason he does is because Alex lets someone get the drop on her in a very uncharacteristic fashion. Then, even though he knows aliens are being abducted all over the city, he just vanishes from the story. Mehcad Brooks must have a contract through the end of this season. I would all but guarantee he’s written off by this year’s finale. We can hope.

So yeah, Alex tortures a guy. J’onn pretends to be Jeremiah to test her resolve, blah blah blah. I never connected with any of these moments. None of this story ever hit hard or true enough to leave an impact. Chyler Leigh’s Alex normally resonates with me but this Jeremiah arc has felt very untrue to who Alex has been all this time.

Even the whole last action sequence felt very lackluster. The “bombs” Alex presets before her confrontation with Cadmus? How did she set so many? Where did she get so many explosives? Then when they go off, Alex tells Lillian Luthor it will bring the whole hanger down. What we see are a ton of terrible CGI explosions with very little effect to anyone in the actual scenes. The sloppy level of the effects seemed like 90’s CG.


Even Chris Wood’s Mon-El, who I already have zero love for, came off as phoning it in. Just barely trying to deliver his lines with any kind of conviction or emotion. He seemed downright bored, and after watching the episode it’s understandable.

Jeremiah is still under Cadmus’ thumb though after turning on them to save Alex. Who knows how long he can stay alive. I did think it was cute how Lillian said Jeremiah was the only Superman they need. I see what ya did there.

Then in the tag this week we got to see upcoming guest stars Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo, presumably as Mon-El’s royal parents? Between these alien threats, Cadmus, Guardian, Mon-El, Martians, and several other plotlines, the season just continues to be unfocused and muddled. None of these threads have been truly wrapped up in any satisfying manner. We just keep adding to the pile.

This show had an inconsistent first season but it was fun. The second started so strong then started ping ponging from great to disappointing. Lately Supergirl just has not been any fun. There’s about a third left of the season which is plenty of time to fix these problems but they need to start making changes fast.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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