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So there’s a new gang in town as those mysterious, crossbow wielding men in masks are revealed to be an organization known as The Whisper Gang. And while they appeared to be in cahoots with Kathryn as they attempted to retrieve the jewel Ivy had stolen, a face-to-face with Bruce brought some unexpected news … they are not working with Kathryn, and we finally hear the words Court of Owls, a group that apparently has its tendrils lodged firmly within the fabric of Gotham City.

So much so that even Mario Falcone finds himself in danger. The question dogging Jim Gordon is why? Several attempts on Mario’s life flips the script once again for Jim and his relationship with Lee. It seems no matter how hard he tries to let her go, the city keeps pulling them back together. It’s no secret Mario would prefer Lee to push Gordon away altogether, something made even a bit more difficult now that she’s once again working for the GCPD, but these three just can’t seem to quit each other.

Mario ended up saving Jim’s life after he was dosed by Jervis Tetch, and now Jim returns the favor by staving off a sword-wielding motorcyclist. Naturally, Jim is more concerned with Lee’s well-being, and with unknown assassins after Mario he has to do what’s best for her, even as he tells Mario he’s really trying to protect him. Mario knows better. But a run-in with more assassins unleashes what looks to be the same kind of rage in Mario that infects Captain Barnes, causing even more concern for Jim.

But the question is who is trying to Kill Mario, and why? Who better to ask than his father Carmine, retired Gotham City mob boss. Falcone and Gordon have had a complicated relationship, but there is some mutual respect there. It was Falcone who helped Gordon find Lee. Of course, she was with Mario by then so his assistance was more to serve a purpose than to help the two reconcile. But questioning Falcone about who is after Mario and what he might be mixed up in yields little results, with Falcone promising he’d look into the matter himself.

But, surprise, it turns out Carmine Falcone is also in league with the Court of Owls. Taking a meeting with Kathryn in the back of her limo, she denies they are targeting Mario. But Carmine knows how these things work, and after pressing the issue and making vague threats, she admits it was on her orders and then she reminds Falcone who exactly he’s dealing with. He reminds her of the same, threatening to expose them all until she finally agrees to leave Mario alone. For now. Falcone promises Gotham will burn if any harm comes to his son.



This week’s secondary story focused on Ed’s vendetta against Butch and Tabitha for Isabella’s murder. After hours of torture, Ed’s version of electroshock therapy fails to elicit the confession he seeks, so Ed moves to his next plan: threaten to chop off Tabitha’s hand. He actually gives her the option of giving Butch a fatal electric shock in order to save her hand, but he also knows Butch loves Tabitha and expects to get the confession once she’s in danger.

And it works, even after Tabitha admits to Butch that she likes him but doesn’t love him as he does her. She’s prepared to let him die to save her hand, but Butch basically throws himself under the bus, selflessly to save her, telling Ed exactly what he wants to hear — that he murdered Isabelle (annoying Ed with the mispronunciation), putting a bullet between her eyes. Except that’s not how she died, and Ed realizes the error of his ways just a little too late as his mini guillotine separates Tabitha’s hand from her arm. Oops.

Luckily Barbara shows up in the nick of time, retrieves the hand, gets everyone to the hospital and figures out who killed Isabella. It’s safe to say that the friendship between Ed and Oswald is about to come to a nasty end.

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