One Face Off artist commits an unforgivable sin


Well, Face Off did the obvious this week. After losing the first two challenges, the Twisted Six shop was down to four artists while Etheral Effects remained at six. So what else was there to do but even things up by moving one artist to the other team? According to host McKenzie Westmore, the judges came to the decision that Joseph would be the Ethereal artist best suited to bring Twisted Six out of their funk. The real question is, is Twisted Six beyond redemption at this point?

This week’s challenge had the teams open one of four doors in the workshop, behind each was a painting of a specific type of fairy tale home. Which ever painting was chosen, the teams had to design three characters from the same family who would live in that specific home. This was meant to be a more whimsical character challenge, so everyone was excited except for Andrew who does more horrific things. But his mother told him to make something nice for a change, so this was his chance.


Ethereal Effects got a painting with a wooden treehouse-like structure while Twisted Six got one that was more fairy-like, a little cottage surrounded by flowers (or covered in flowers). With the wooden structure, Ethereal’s shop foreman Suzanne wanted to incorporate that wood texture into the design, so she suggested a wood witch. But the other two characters were decided to be enchanted woodchucks who would go around and help the less fortunate woodland creatures build their homes. Kind of like a mystical Habitat for Humanity. It’s a cute idea to be sure, but does it fit the challenge parameters of a “family”?


Twisted Six, a team so far not known for its cohesive characters, settled on a family of fairies with a father and two sisters. New team member Joseph paired off with KC to create the male figure and using some really innovative techniques to create and attach his wood-like horns. And by focusing on the horns and the facial prosthetics, they didn’t waste any time creating a cowl, instead just building up one on top of the model’s head and covering it with moss. A very wise move for a challenge that had a two day time limit.

Did I mention that part? Last week I complained about the amount of work expected in three days, and this week they cut them down to two days! How can anyone design, sculpt and mold something in one day and then be expected to apply and paint it the next? At least McKenzie told them not to waste time on elaborate sculpts. If it was me, I would have focused on nose, ears and chin appliances for the fairies and spent the rest of the time on making the beauty makeup perfection. But no, some people insisted on doing cowls and full facial appliances.


While Joseph and KC were working harmoniously, and Phil was tasked with creating little chest domes to make the characters cohesive, foreman Nick had his vision for the female fairies while Jill had her own vision. Which is why this team is never cohesive. Everyone is playing like these are individual challenges, doing their own thing and putting their entire team at risk for failure. Jill did not want to budge on her sculpt, even after Mr. Westmore pointed out that it needed to look more like Nick’s concept. While Nick kept trying to suggest things to Jill, and offering to refine her sculpt to match his, she got fed up and walked away. Which left Nick to his own devices, removing most of the clay from her sculpt. Maybe it wasn’t an intentional dick move, because time was of the essence, but it was a dick move nonetheless.


One the reveal stage, Ve Neill pointed out exactly what I feared — the wood witch and the woodchucks aren’t related. Sure, they might be a family, but they are not familial so regardless of how much the judges like Andrews male woodchuck, would violating the challenge rules send Ethereal to the bottom this week? Especially after they really didn’t like Kierstin’s absurd female woodchuck with buck teeth apparently attached to the creature’s lips, and the comically out of proportion head. Kierstin fretted the entire challenge over her design (and the be fair, she started with a different creature altogether), and from the looks of things next week, she’s going to be doubting herself yet again. This is no place to be in doubt of your talents! Suck it up or go home.


Twisted Six’s fairies looked good from afar — but far from good — and actually looked related. So score one for cohesion this week. Up close, things weren’t so dandy. While the judges, including guest judge Elizabeth Mitchell, fawned over Joseph and KC’s mail fairy, they didn’t say a word about the horrible edges around the facial appliances. Good thing those horns blew them all away. And things got even worse with Jill’s appliance where the edges seemed to barely be glued down. When she was called on to explain her work, you know she got right in that bus and drove it over Nick, as politely as she possibly could, But hearing that he stripped the clay off of her sculpt, judge Glenn Hetrick nearly blew a gasket, calling the move unprofessional and sacrilege. But, the team’s designs were cohesive this week and fit the challenge. So would the judges go for cohesion or penalize the team for Nick’s egregious mistake?


Surprisingly, Ethereal Effects won yet again (sorry Joseph, but at least your work was the one positive element of your team’s creations) as the judges decided to overlook the challenge itself and the terrible female woodchuck (and they also had issues with the wood witch, but Elizabeth Mitchell adored her). So Twisted Six loses their third challenge in three weeks, leaving Jill and Nick on the chopping block. It would have been easy to send both of them home, but the question is could Jill be blamed for what she ended up working with since it wasn’t truly hers? Nope, the judges sent Nick packing for overstepping his bounds, a fate he accepted with a lot of grace.

What did you think this week’s episode? Did Nick deserve to be eliminated, or was Jill not a team player? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!


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