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This week’s episode of Dynasty was basically an exercise in wrapping up a storyline and introducing a few crumbs for possible plot twists to come. The story picks up the morning after Fallon’s birthday party and she finds herself tied up in a warehouse, courtesy of Alejandro and Iris. If Blake thought he was going to get away with blowing up their scam, well he has another thing coming.

Except no one even realized Fallon was missing! Blake and Cristal were busy preparing for a meeting with the new police chief, Steven was packing to finally fly the coop, Jeff was doing yoga and Michael was doing Jeff’s sister. Or not, but it popped into my head and made me laugh so here it is in print. Fake news?

Surprisingly with such a dire situation at play, this episode was pretty funny from the kidnappers’ last nerve being worked by Fallon’s non-stop yammering (“We should have taken the other child.”) to the constant interruptions to the meeting with the police chief, first at the offices and then when she arrives unexpectedly at the mansion for dinner … after Anders has let everyone go for the day after learning of Fallon’s kidnapping.

But even after being double-crossed by Blake the first time, Alejandro still wasn’t prepared for the response he got when he demanded $15 million (“You think that’s what I’m worth? I make that in a quarter,” said Fallon) for Fallon’s return: nope, not paying you a dime. Alejandro wasn’t too happy with that or with Fallon trying to tell him how to negotiate, and then he upped the ransom to $25 million.

As much as Blake wanted to keep this matter in the family, after Michael found out he told Jeff and then the two brawled over Fallon. But Jeff gathered up as much cash and jewelry as he could to add to what Blake had on hand — because moguls like this are cash poor but assets rich — and Blake had to reluctantly agree to accept Jeff’s help.

But Blake really kept snubbing Sammy Joe, assuming that because his parents were responsible for the kidnapping, he might be in on it too. But Sam got some surprising support from Anders, of all people, admonishing Blake that the boy was now facing the loss of both of his parents if Blake’s team of snipers did their job at the money drop-off point, so he needed to cut Sam some slack.

I have to say, I have enjoyed the relationship between Sam and Anders as it’s developed over these eleven episodes and their final scene together really hit me in all the feels when Sam said maybe it was time to leave and Anders told him there was no reason to because family sticks together. When Sam told Anders he’d been more of a father to him than his real father ever was, I must have gotten something in my eyes because they got a bit watery. And then Sam said he was staying … and moving in with Steven, who also decided that this was where he was supposed to be. So hopefully these two can get along and there will be no more unsavory drug issues for Steven.

But, Fallon is still missing and so is Cristal, who took all the ransom money to meet her sister and Alejandro so she could get Fallon back and get them out of town before Blake’s snipers killed them. Of course, why kidnap one Carrington when you can have two, and Cristal ended up being tied to Fallon, much to Fallon’s chagrin. But it gave Cristal a chance to plant the suggestion in her sister’s head that Alejandro was just using and abusing her.

When they started to move again after Fallon escaped the warehouse when Blake and his team arrived, Cristal was again able to talk to Iris. Hearing a banging inside the truck, Alejandro pulled over and got a good smack in the head from Cristal. But she wasn’t fast enough to evade him and he gripped her throat, nearly choking the life out of her before … BANG … gunshots courtesy of Iris, killing Alejandro. Cristal gave Iris enough money to get away and then told the police she was the one who shot Alejandro (and Fallon even backed up her story). Didn’t seem like the new police chief, who wasn’t too happy the Carringtons tried to manage this situation themselves, was buying it but she’s also Jeff’s cousin so she probably knows a thing or two about how the Carringtons operate.

But the whole ordeal really affected Fallon, who spent so much time telling Iris she was nothing but Alejandro’s puppet. She then realized that her whole life she’s either been working for her father, or now beholden to another man to finance her new company. Unaware that Jeff was preparing to propose to her (in order to take her money and bring down the Carrington empire), Fallon told him she was investing all of her trust fund into the business and buying him out. Or he could buy her out. Either way, she was going to make it or fail all on her own. Which threw a huge monkey wrench into Jeff’s plans.

So the episode effectively wrapped up the Cristal/Iris/Alejandro storyline, set Fallon on a new path for herself and introduced one intriguing plot device. When Cristal confronted Blake about why he felt he needed to keep this whole kidnapping ordeal within the family, he revealed something no one else knew (except, probably, Anders) — Blake and his first wife Alexis had another child who was kidnapped when he was six months old. They did all they could to get the boy back but he was never returned. Fallon and Steven have no idea they have another brother out there somewhere named … Adam.

We know Alexis is coming to the show soon, so how long before the mysterious Adam shows up?

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments section below!



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