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With the Christmas and the start of Hanukkah both falling on a Sunday this year, Hollywood rolled out an assortment of films between Wednesday and Sunday, but they could not beat back the juggernaut that is Rogue One. That film earned $64 million between Friday and Sunday, and ended the long holiday weekend with $96.1 million. In its second week of release, Rogue One has raked in $318.1 million. Not bad for a movie that dropped nearly 59% and faced several high profile films over the holiday. With no major releases coming before the end of the year, Rogue One will most likely hold on to the top spot for a third week, especially for fans reeling from the sudden and tragic passing of Carrie Fisher. Overseas, the film has accumulated $255.7 million for a global $573.8 million total.

The three day weekend was looking good for Sing at Number 2 with $35.2 million. The film opened on Wednesday (with early Tuesday screenings) and amassed $55.8 million total. Add in Monday (which was a holiday for many) and the total jumps to $75.5 million. In foreign markets the film has earned $54.3 million for a global total of nearly $130 million. The question is will the very well received film match or outperform the studio’s previous animated offering The Secret Life of Pets, which earned $368.3 million domestically during its run?

In third place was the not so well-received sci-fi drama Passengers which eked out $15 million over the weekend. Also opening on Wednesday, the film’s five day domestic total is $22.3 million with Monday adding less than $8 million bringing it up to $30 million. With terrible critical reviews and less than favorable audience reaction, the film may not see a precipitous drop during the slow week before New Year’s but it will be a struggle for Sony to recoup that $110 million budget.

Fourth place went to the bawdy comedy Why Him? which earned $11 million from Friday to Sunday, and added another $4.5 million on Monday. The film also earned $2.2 million overseas. The film still scored 10% better with critics than Passengers did with a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and audiences also seem to like it more. Word of mouth could carry it a bit, but the Christmas setting could negatively impact the film’s box office after the holidays. The good news is that the film only cost $38 million.

Scoring even worse at 19% is the big screen videogame adaptation Assassin’s Creed which still managed to land at Number 5 with $10.2 million. Opening on Wednesday, the five day total stands at $17.7 million, and add in Monday and that total goes up to $22.3 million. Overseas, the film managed just $14.2 million for a global gross of $36.5 million. The $125 million flick will find it difficult to make back its budget domestically, but foreign markets did save Warcraft from being a total disaster but will that same thing happen here?

The holiday also saw several films expand their reach with Oscar bait Fences expanding to 2,233 screens and jumping 5,066%, moving up from Number 25 to Number 7 with $6.6 million. La La Land also continued to expand, now on 734 screens (much less than any film in the Top Ten), adding 40% to its gross and finishing the weekend with %5.7 million. Outside the Top Ten, Manchester by the Sea added 7 screens but dropped almost 35%, taking the film from Number 6 to Number 12. Jackie added 264 screens and 116%, moving up two spaces to Number 13, while Lion expanded to 500 screens, moving up 578% and taking the Number 15 spot.

Some major awards contenders opened in limited release to qualify for Oscar consideration, including Hidden Figures (25 screens, $515,499, Number 17), Patriot’s Day (7 screens, $161,306, Number 23), Silence (4 screens, $130,880, Number 25), Live By Night (4 screens, $33,000, Number 34), and A Monster Calls (4 screens, $30,909, Number 35). Out of the Top Ten and all of the new releases, Silence scored the highest per screen average with $32,720.

Below are the Top Ten actual numbers for the 4 day weekend of December 23.

1. [1] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – $96,119,405 [$318,119,079] – ★★★

2. [N] Sing – $54,931,630 [$75,544,270] – ★★★

3. [N] Passengers – $22,685,000 [$30,010,201] – ★★✩

4. [N] Why Him? – $15,536,420 [$15,536,420] – ★★✩

5. [N] Assassin’s Creed – $14,800,946 [$22,293,344]

6. [2] Moana – $12,554,860 [$185,587,051] – ★★★

7. [25] Fences – $11,600,170 [$11,791,685]

8. [7] La La Land – $9,242,782 [$17,125,493] – ★★★

9. [3] Office Christmas Party – $7,047,209 [$44,086,811] – ★★✩

10. [4] Collateral Beauty – $6,375,000 [$17,376,500]

[#] Last week’s position. [N] New in theaters.   HOTCHKA review  |  Source: Box Office Mojo

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