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Agents of SHIELD was appropriately Halloweeny this week, wasn’t it? Ghosts and skeletons and political talk shows. Terrifying stuff. Now is it just me or does it feel like the ghost angle is starting to wrap up? Thank god, cause I am starting to get bored of this storyline.

There were several developments that felt way too convenient or too inconvenient as the case may be. Forceful writing that wasn’t natural at all. The biggest happenstance was the prison SHIELD is raiding just so happens to have an entire wing full of Watch Dog recruits. I understand they explain as they’re being recruited in prison, but why are they all in the same hall in the same section of the prison? Especially considering the fact they have matching tattoos? Wouldn’t they try and separate a gang?

Okay so let’s assume that all those things make sense, they don’t, but big grain of salt here. So how are all these new recruits highly trained in hand-to-hand combat? Daisy and the team have taken out dozens of trained warriors before. Hell, May has taken out that many on her own. So the terror they show when confronted makes zero sense. Then Daisy trying to take them all herself in a suicide mission while separating herself from Coulson and May made zero sense. Especially when they finally rejoin back up and use their icers to quickly knock them out.



So let’s break down the idiocy of this. They see the Watch Dogs in cells. They see the ghost open their cells. Why don’t they immediately start icing them while they are still in their cells? Instead they have Fitz open every door in the prison, letting out all prisoners, not just the ones in their hallway, and starting a prison riot. Come on, Fitz is smarter than that. He can’t hack their system? The one big benefit to this stupid, stupid idea is a kickass action sequence from Daisy.

While not the best fight scene the series has given us, her fight with the Watch Dogs was well choreographed, edited, and amazingly blocked. Even though I spotted where Daisy’s stunt double stepped in, the cuts and blending between the two was seamless. The only thing giving it away is if you’re aware of how much hair is covering her face from one cut to the next. Oh and I’m glad we got another appearance of Coulson’s energy SHIELD. It just reminds us how much of a Captain America fanboy he is.

Small aside, am I the only one who sees the extra SHIELD agents they bring along as red shirts? The all black combat gear is quickly becoming the sign of unimportance and impending doom for characters on the team.

So we learned some important things moving forward. The Darkhold apparently magically fills in its pages and is in whatever the first language of the beholder is. Also, the ghosts apparently can’t read the book anymore, I assume this is a safety feature of some sort. Hopefully this gets explained more later.

Also during a truly badass execution scene with Ghost Rider, we found out that the incident that gave Robbie his powers and crippled his brother was actually a hit, and not a random drive by after all. We also find out that Robbie has all but wiped out that gang. While I enjoy the Ghost Rider scenes and always want more, wasn’t this yet another all-too-convenient happenstance? The last living member of this gang is in this prison, reformed, and has his gang tattoo facing just the right way for Robbie to see? Just way too many convenient coincidences.

Like when Simmons is about to fail her polygraph and the director grabs her to talk him through an interview. Fifteen minutes to air? Seriously? The director of a super covert strike force and can’t get more than fifteen minutes notice to be interviewed by ABC News? While him going off script worked, and unveiling his Inhumanness to the world should have interesting ramifications, the setup was sloppy.

Then following it up with Senator Nadeer threatening him with footage of the prison operation undercut the whole thing. This senator got security footage of compromising things the team did, why didn’t the spy group wipe/confiscate the footage? Also, why is Coulson hiding so much from the director? They used a regular team who could easily report back what happened. What was his plan here? Just sloppy.

Then Simmons says she knows the director is lying about his heroics at the UN bombing. So she doesn’t have to do polygraphs anymore. BUT she now pissed off her boss and raised a huge red flag about what she might be hiding. What the hell is going on at SHIELD? They are imploding.

Even with all those stupid plot points, I still enjoyed the ride a great deal. There was enough fun action and character beats to overlook a great deal of the inconsistencies this week. I was disappointed in the laziness but it didn’t ruin things completely. A few more weeks like this though, and I might start rethinking how much I’m willing to let slide.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments section below!

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