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Season two of Agent Carter continued this week and it continues to deliver. Fun, action-packed, a great spy romp, all this and more was to be had from Peggy and Co. this week. Picking right up where we left things last week, Peggy continued her investigation into Zero Matter and the vast conspiracy covering up its existence. So a science related mystery arises and who better to help than Howard Stark?

Howard makes his first appearance of the season and he’s still as quirky and funny as he was last season. Dominic Cooper does a great job with the character and he was a welcome sight this week. His dealings in the movie business also gave us a cute little gag with Peggy poo-pooing the idea of a movie based on a comic book. This is the type of “wink wink, nudge nudge” joke that could be terrible in many shows, but this series has earned a cheesy joke now and then.

Carter added another wrinkle to the racial issues it brought up last week, this time poor Doctor Wilkes has been framed as a communist. The guy gets a job with an evil organization unbeknownst to him, gets shot at while trying to help make amends, gets blown up and as we found this week, turned intangible, and now they frame him as a commie? That’s a pretty bad run of luck there. The character himself is incredibly endearing, I hope not too endearing, that always means there’s something ominous lurking down the road. I hope that he is just as good a guy as he seems and doesn’t have a third act turn.

Agent Jack Thompson continues to be a tool. First being jealous of Peggy, and now changing her report, ignoring her findings, and even giving pivotal evidence to the Feds. After he had a modicum of character growth last season I would have thought he’d grow just a little. Maybe, just maybe, he isn’t as big a jerk as we are being led to believe. I would love for Jack to surprise us and be actually playing the FBI to uncover the vast conspiracy rather than just being their puppet.

One thing that Jack’s terrible behavior does explain is why Peggy will inevitably form SHIELD. It seems like they are saving the actual formation of SHIELD for an eventual final season, so it makes sense that even though Peggy is great at her job and respected by many, there still has to be hurdles and setbacks that will drive her to found a group to oversee the overseers.



There was some fun spying with Howard as a distraction. While infiltrating an all men’s club, Howard got to shake things up by bringing in a troupe of his gal pals, all while Peggy tried to plant some bugs. It ended up being a complete waste of time when they all short out with barely any explanation. If the scenes hadn’t been so fun to watch I’d be angry that the whole thing was pointless with almost zero payoff and the technical malfunction is brushed off as a security measure.

A few other notable things this week: really loved seeing Howard Stark being full on science guy, super obsessive and he reminded me of Tony. He and Wilkes seem like a good pairing. It will be interesting to see where that goes. I know it’s a small touch but I love the use of real old footage for establishing shots. It just adds something special. Jarvis joking he doesn’t want to spend much time as a disembodied voice was cute. The fight with Peggy and her would-be assassin was just sloppy enough to feel real but well choreographed.

The big mystery behind Whitney Frost’s new abilities inched forward. She seems to be a master manipulator and has some weird absorbing powers but what’s her endgame? Agent Carter continues to intrigue and entertain.

Are you digging Agent Carter this season? Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode.

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