You’re the Worst had its plan in plain sight the whole time


The latest episode of You’re the Worst is called “From the Beginning, I Was Screwed” and it has a few interesting simultaneous storylines. Lindsay percolates through the scenes with her mission of helping people, although her lack of tact and misunderstanding of people led to helping and hurting others. The fantastically named book critic Steeb Corniglia (Phil Abrams) returns with his delightful show about puns.

It’s an audience filled with affluent white people, the same you might think were attracted to Ben Folds, who I have such respect for. Ben Folds lets himself look like such a mess, it’s quite admirable. His delivery of asking for some “alcohol” and that face he made while drinking it? Hilarious. It’s a way to show Gretchen’s capability and also her self-destructive behavior.

At the pun event, we see comedian Emily Heller and the legendary Andy Daly spit out a great deal of fun lines, as we see Jimmy falter under his own hubristic aspirations. This show has always been great with lists, as I’ve often said, but the string of “what other books would be on the mass-market best seller” lines was a cut above. I particularly liked “Shakespeare but with Vampires”, which actually sounds like it would be very successful.

In contrast to her failure to help Jimmy, Lindsay legitimately helps out a drunken and arrested Paul, who just seems broken now. Her kind words were mature and decent, even if Paul was already passed out. She does seem to have truly moved on, but she doesn’t wish Paul ill anymore. Maybe that punch in the face jostled his brain, although he was still spouting alt-right parody about Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Gretchen’s storyline with Boone and Olivia was fascinating; I find Boone to be such a great new character. He’s not a perfect dad, admitting to buying Olivia a sword and losing her in a mall after staring too long at a Cinnabon. That’s absurd, which means it fits perfectly with this cast of idiots. I prefer that sort of thing in a show like this, where nobody is a straight line.

Boone and Olivia both seem to like Gretchen, despite her issues, but she can’t help but fall back into Jimmy’s orbit. They both destroy themselves in different ways, both care about each other but don’t like to admit it. Back to that in a moment.

Edgar and Max’s little ongoing conversation was at times sad and at times funny, but it’s also quite enigmatic. I truly cannot read Max’s reaction, but it doesn’t seem good. Did he go behind Edgar’s back in some way to get in better with Doug Benson (with his Deep State ties) or just to work by himself? Still not sure.


The final scene with Gretchen and Jimmy was alarming, exciting, and worrisome. The two are so connected still, and Jimmy’s face of intense concern when Gretchen admitted she spotted him with Katherine is a reveal that of course he still cares. After the two yelled at someone for asking for a seat, a callback to their old interactions, it was easy to see it coming, and of course, they started making out. Am I an idiot for enjoying their reunion? Probably, but I love watching these two morons screw everything up.

You’re the Worst airs Wednesdays at 10PM on FXX.

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