You’re the Worst teaches us never to mess with John Stamos


The latest episode of You’re the Worst was called “Dad-Not-Dad”, which had a very specific meaning that also paralleled the paradoxical nature it represents. Becca and Lindsay continued on their quest to prove that other people are to blame for their brokenness, but their mother Faye refuses to accept it. So the idea germinates, to find Lou Diamond Phillips, the guy who lived with them for three years, and get answers: Are they broken because of their mom or because they suck?

The dude himself showed up and gave a fun, breezy performance, unafraid to seem weird. His mysterious obsession with lemons that aren’t for “juicing” was delightful, and the references to Faye dating Full House actors was hilarious. But the episode was also generous enough to make him the wisest as well, telling Becca and Lindsay as their La Bambdad that “You can’t solve your problems by blaming the past.”

His advice was simple but powerful: Use what you have to change your future. Becca doesn’t have to be a bad parent, despite herself and despite Vernon. Lindsay can focus her idiocy into generosity and help people. Whether or not they’ll manage any real growth I can’t say, but I love how the show has given them some semblance of a respectful relationship. Faye seems like the worst now, but she’s not wrong when she tells her daughters they need to be responsible for themselves.


Jimmy’s little adventure was a spiral downwards, hoping to reconnect with Gretchen, but losing each chance at it. Instead he went out with his hometown fling Katherine and her posh friends, as they went to silly pretentious events in LA. Those were also quite funny, but they showed Jimmy as again being unable to empathize despite feeling deeply himself. His effect was a Posh-Not-Posh paralleling the alcoholic tendencies of his other half Gretchen with his “homemade” mimosa mirroring her Tomato Juice Beer.

Edgar has his own existential crisis, struggling with his overwhelmingly stupid purchase of a car that is so pretentious in its own way, it has “alt-vegan leather.” Jimmy claims they both have “poor brain,” reminiscent of those folks that win the lottery and spend it all in a month. Certainly this is the struggle Edgar feels, and as always, this show is the king of heartbreaking faces without words.

Jimmy feels out of place in existence, Edgar teeters on the brink of oblivion, and Gretchen doesn’t know herself. It’s a bleak summary but it does make it easier to empathize more for these idiots, and I really do feel for them.


Gretchen’s storyline is the most depressing, despite its insanity. The concept is old school sitcom: meeting the ex to get approval to meet the kid. But despite first impressions, we quickly learn that Whitney, Boone’s ex-wife, doesn’t hate him and is sort of the perfect companion for Gretchen. After a great joke about dinosaur bones, the two devolve into a drunken stupor until Lil’ Gretch blacks out.

Only to come to in flagrant with Whitney, as she “had to go deep” and reached “boomtown.” It’s a truly Gretchen turn of events, and it’s just insane. I can’t imagine where things will go next with Boone and company, but I like that he is truly not normal, nor is his ex. Hate for things to get normal on this show.

You’re the Worst airs Wednesdays at 10PM on FXX.

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