You’re the Worst takes characters forward & backward into the damaged past & uncertain future


The latest episode of You’re the Worst is called ‘Worldstar!’ and mainly covers two interconnected storylines. As per usual, some people are worse than others. The main focus is on Lindsay and Becca, with a minor assist by Gretchen. After last week, Lindsay is focused on blaming Becca for being a terrible sister and screwing up her life, planning to literally fight her.

Thus the episode title, a reference to the popular video sharing site WorldStarHipHop, which is notorious for popular videos about people fighting. Gretchen wants nothing more for most of the episode than to film a fight, but it starts with her concerns about Boone and Jimmy. New stability versus old instability. Gretchen is terrified of the “new road,” and thinks she’s not ready for real commitment.

But Jimmy gets terrible advice and takes it, screwing things up again.


Becca and Lindsay’s mother Faye is visiting, and she’s awful in a different way. She’s self-absorbed and clueless, focused on her looks and acting career than family. What’s funny about the whole scenario is it leads to great interactions. Vernon gets to be both wise and a real idiot in the same scene. His idiocy is there, but he’s also “dangerously exhausted,” and holding his baby while barely being awake. That’s pretty stupid.

And of course, he’s been self-pleasuring to videos of Faye when she was younger. Pretty disgusting. Is happiness a finite commodity, as Jimmy proclaims, or can it be shared? Faye’s lack of caring led to her daughters having all manner of problems, but Lindsay makes the first real revelation in a while — only she can fix her own life.

Becca may be a little less the worse, we’ll see. But this strikes a chord with Gretchen, who leaves only to come across Jimmy as he’s hooking up with an old acquaintance from his hometown in the UK, Katherine. She might be hateful and teasing to him, but she’s clearly lonely, otherwise why did she bother to come in the first place and more importantly, stay?

The storyline with Edgar and Max had its own share of sadness and hilarity, shown clearly by the stupendously stupid “Birds” animated movie concept, which is a parody of the melodramatic nature of dramedies like this show. Max’s advice for Jimmy to make someone else feel better might be good for someone else, but it’s drastically wrong in this case. Jimmy, unlike how it claims, has difficulty with empathy, although he feels tremendously.

That ending was amazing, heartbreaking and then instantly hilarious. Hard to recall another ending of any episode I’ve seen in a while that perfectly balanced that sort of thing. It was a very strong episode, showing characters growing and fading, people like Edgar trying to be decent but struggling and people like Becca actually learning.

Whether or not it’ll stick, who knows? But it was a great showcase for quite a lot of this talented cast of characters.

You’re the Worst airs Wednesdays at 10PM on FXX.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below!


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