You’re the Worst brings the whole gang together for dysfunctional hilarity


The latest episode of You’re the Worst was called “A Bunch of Hornballs,” and it’s funny, really. I think that this show has some of the best “party episodes” out there, because these people can’t manage not being awful to each other in one way or another.

But everything in this episode was about discovery and self-examination. Lindsay finally completes her divorce from new pseudo-fascist Paul, but is obsessed over her lack of work friends. Despite what Paul said, Lindsay isn’t necessarily blaming her problems on everyone else, but she has an overall lack of empathy and understanding about other people.

Her “going down a road” in this episode was about realizing that the worst person is Becca, but that’s no surprise. Yet it’s funny in that she’s blaming someone else for her own problems, but this episode also showed how awful and hypocritical Becca truly can be. From using heteronormative slurs and making out with a “gay” BFF to getting wasted to having even less empathy than Lindsay, Becca is the worst. And always hilarious.


The extra subplot is Edgar having a real connection to his new friend Max, who’s a bit off, but he’s friendly and decent and supportive. Their party is legitimately well put together, and they enjoy the idea of an eventual show they share. Edgar’s concern for profligacy is touching, but he really does have a “generous” spirit, despite his new weird flirting habits.

And everything about “Snoobering” was brilliant.


Contrast this with Jimmy, feeling alone in a world he doesn’t understand in his erotica/romance convention, until he goes down his new road due to fellow author Adrienne (Amy Pietz) convincing him to take advantage of the situation. There seems to be a connection there, because of Adrienne’s apparent honesty and wit, but it soon becomes clear it’s a facade.

Her plaintive pleas and confessions as Jimmy sighs outside the bathroom door are meaningless, because Jimmy still cares deeply for Gretchen, meaning a single phone call is enough to get him to drop everything else. There isn’t much to this subplot except to set up where it may be going next.

Because although Gretchen has seemingly moved on, dealing with her new heavy connection to divorced dad Boone, she cannot help but recall the connection she had with Jimmy, despite it all. Their last conversation, split screen and beautiful, mirrors the very first episode of the series, which prompts the question: Where is this going? Her road may have hit a speed bump.

These two still have something, whatever that is, and it may not end well, but man … I can’t help rooting for them. I’ve got my own road to go down I suppose too.

You’re the Worst airs Wednesdays at 10PM on FXX.

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