You’re the Worst gets characters to grow and others to stumble


The latest You’re the Worst episode is called ‘There’s Always a Back Door’ and covers a few themes. The exact line comes from Gretchen when she flees whom she thinks is Boone’s wife, but is in fact his young daughter. So the title covers the explicit door, but thematically the exit in many situations, sometimes a cowardly one, sometimes a terrible one. Of course, there’s also the sexual joke, but that’s par for the course for this show.

Gretchen goes through a classic “wife versus child” comedy routine, except that this show goes further by talking about even more inappropriate content. But the reason it still works is that Gretchen is afraid of being rejected again, just like she was by Jimmy. Her plaintive “you fought for me” is not after a serious “fight” but one that at least happens. Boone likes Gretchen enough to want to try something, and although he assuredly has his own issues, considering his odd relationship with Ty and the fact that he’s divorced.

The different sorts of toxic relationships are also shown in the episode, with the way Jimmy eschews Edgar’s sincerity after seemingly being hilariously unable to comprehend his actions. His denial that lasts until the final moments about Gretchen reflects classic conspiracy theory talk, which also ties into Paul and Vernon. Vernon’s relationship is a mess, yet he’s still married, and his so-called “best friend” is someone that barely tolerates him.

His reality is tied into what Jimmy says and does: Before Jimmy reveals that he did indeed leave Gretchen after proposing, Vernon can’t accept the truth, but after the admission, Vernon immediately shifts his mind view and accepts the cognitive dissonance. Several failed relationships have led to Paul embracing the “MRA” or Men’s Right Activist mindset, complete with a Richard Spencer styled haircut.


Spencer is more a Nazi than an MRA idiot, but it reflects how Paul never really respected the women in his life, and although Lindsay wasn’t exactly that great, he never cared about her more than the concept of the happy marriage. The MRA style theories also mirror that sort of rabid, nonsensical conspiracy theory prevalent on the Internet. He deserved that punch in the face.

Paul is denying that he can’t stand women, and doesn’t respect them, nor does he respect himself. Vernon is denying his own reality. Jimmy is of course, denying that he caused the end of his relationship. Gretchen is the only one that gets past her own denial until Jimmy’s final moments. Edgar and Lindsay continue to deny that they care most about each other over anyone else, and of course, Lindsay loves to deny that people don’t really like her.

Her “I’ll just be myself” leading to the bar walk by scene is a cliché, but Lindsay is a classic fool, so it’s more meaningful here, because she’s lonely and stupid. This episode was enjoyable, funny in a lot of places, especially the boy’s talk scene, and really pushed along where things are going. Whether or not Jimmy finds something meaningful remains to be seen; perhaps it’ll be his book. Book versus Boone, often seems like a coincidence. Which it assuredly is.

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