You’re the Worst reunites the gang to setup the explosions to come


This latest episode was called ‘Odysseus’ and instead of the heroic journey, this showcased the journey of self-destruction. So first, Jimmy’s adventure of discovery goes through ups and downs. Although he is ready to judge Edgar and Lindsay’s relationship, he is unable to argue against their friends with benefits argument, nor does it really matter to him.

Instead he wants to be “like a man” — shades of the old man of last episode — and confront Gretchen, clear the air, and somehow magically return things to normal. Yet he cannot handle emotional connections, not really, not without a wry remark or a pained comment. Each one of Edgar’s sincere hugs is taken with acceptance but a grunt and a wince.

In a way, he’s acting like the man he hates, his father, unable to connect. His detective work and path to finding the truth was interesting, leading to moments where he was sad (thinking Gretchen had moved on and was happier now) and then suddenly happy (when Lindsay admitted Gretchen was devastated). Why? Because that means she still misses him, or at least that’s what he thinks.

Yet he gave two apologies, each with their own problems. After Edgar gave his obviously about him but hilariously angry tirade, Jimmy gave a sincere apology about abandoning his so-called friend, one that claimed to hate him earlier in the episode. It took a while for Jimmy to get there, but when he tried to apply that apology to Gretchen, he stumbled.

When he saw Gretchen walk away, it seemed he couldn’t help himself, he had to defend his actions by appealing to emotion. But instead of making things better, it turned Gretchen sociopathic, because he wanted to tell “my truth.” Echoes of the therapy language from her drunken hookup earlier when Boone said the same thing about it being a one time thing.

Her vacant, empty rictus of a grin was alarming and fantastic, as was the way she pretended to want to read his book. But Jimmy still does not seem to get it. As usual, the storyline was a mix of tears and laughs. It’s building up to the next confrontation when Jimmy pushes harder.

Gretchen’s adventure of hating herself this episode seemed to be ending on an okay note until she saw Jimmy on the street. Although her conversations with Boone about celebrities was funny, what’s more relevant is the acknowledgment that Ty is also messed up, just like Gretchen. It’s no surprise they keep coming back together.

The episode ended with a fantastic reference to the “This is Fine” meme, which certainly doesn’t bode well for Jimmy:

Gunshow Comic

It was another good episode of the show, not as strong as the premiere, but it was enough to set up the next horrible thing to happen to these idiots. That screech of “Hey! Dot dot dot” coming right after Aya Cash utilized fantastic face acting was a buildup of beauty. It’s a shame the Emmys doesn’t recognize this show. Maybe after Modern Family and Veep finally end, this will have a chance, if it’s still around. That’s empty optimism for you.

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