You’re the Worst welcomes us back to its awful, magnificent world


When I saw the title for the latest episode, “It’s Been”, I instantly thought of all the possibilities, the themes and angles, and of course, the famous song by Barenaked Ladies. So it should be no surprise how thrilled I was when it actually came up.

The episode was essentially in chronological order, but it was really about two different stories, the tales of Jimmy and Gretchen post traumatic failed proposal. That ending really hurt at the end of the last season, so it’s no surprise things are still broken starting with the new season.

One thing the show has always done well is pair music perfectly with scenes, here with songs will “What You Know” by Esther Holt and “Home is Where” by Caveboy hitting the opening and closing beats of the hour.

The first key note is that the new opening credits, complete with warning signs for each character are brilliant and another example of the brilliance of You’re the Worst with lists. So let’s start with Jimmy’s tale.


He’s spent the last three months away from the Internet and even phones, watching mostly forgotten 80’s action show The Fall Guy on DVD, which only released one season of five because nobody cared enough to buy that many. It’s emblematic of everything Jimmy hides in: grumpiness, false nostalgia, and false condescension. We also got one of my favorite show things: The fake Britishisms. Jimmy’s delight over “Fluffer-grahams” which leads to him accidentally discovering the improved name of “some-more” was hilarious.

Jimmy is funnier when he’s not sad and withdrawn, but the contrast keeps us on our toes. The parallels are pretty clear between Burt and Jimmy, even if Burt’s life has many differences. Jimmy and Burt clearly saw some connections there, but it did seem to lead to growth, minor perhaps, but something. Jimmy is running because he’s afraid, but of what, it’s unclear. Intimacy, stability, happiness, normalcy, take your pick.

It’s highly predictable that his path to returning to LA would come from him stealing a car for someone else’s good and leaving them behind money. Good and bad at the same time.

He’s a mess.

Also a literal mess is Gretchen, living inside with Lindsay, who’s also a mess, but less so professionally. I always appreciate the little heightened bits of absurdity in the show, like how Lindsay’s new boss Priscilla (Kathleen Rose Perkins from Episodes) is on an ice-only diet and is planning for Jaden Smith’s retirement party. Honestly that one actually sounds plausible.


Edgar has settled into his comedy writing job, with yet another hilarious list of sketch ideas (e.g. What if guns were puns, cat on a hot tin tin roof, 711/911, baby Jurassic Park, 1920’s Seinfeld — I think the 7-11 one is already done, but the others aren’t that bad), and I thought the impression-off between him and Lindsay of Jimmy and Gretchen was hilarious and kind of touching.

It’s interesting to see their new “healthy” relationship start, considering how weird Gretchen and Jimmy’s first time was, but time will tell on how it progresses. I realized that Gretchen singing was setup earlier when she sang-yelled The Cranberries song “Zombie”, leading to the beautiful moment where she destroyed the assistance attempt by singing “It’s Been” like a crazy person. Damn, it was wonderful.

And as much as I thought he was ridiculous, it’s kind of delightful to see the show bring back Gretchen’s ex, the pretentious director. Saying things like “There she is” and “divine,” it reminds me of the very first episode of the show where he’d say “oh, you’re so delicious!” But it’s not a healthy relationship either.

You’re the Worst is one of those rare shows that can truly affect people with hilarity and melancholy, because despite its absurd world, the characters feel real and feel sincerely. They are the worst, sure, but they’re our worst.

What did you think of the season premiere? Tell us in the comments below!


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