With This Ring on DVD delivers laughs but skimps on the extras

Sony Pictures Television

Sony Pictures Television

If you’ve seen one romantic comedy then you have essentially seen them all. When it comes to this specific genre of film, it seems that nothing original is ever really attempted – and perchance that is because it’s already been said and done. Still, it can be all the more refreshing to be treated to a romantic comedy that is actually pleasant and not at all convoluted. Such is the case with the made-for-television chick flick With This Ring, a delightfully amusing rom-com with a super talented African-American cast. In the spirit of such movies as Baggage Claim and Two Can Play That Game, the movie offers a funny yet guileless commentary on the plight that some African-American women may experience when searching for true love.

Based on a novel entitled The Vow, the movie is about three single friends who make a, um, vow to get married within a year. Regina Hall is Trista, a hardworking movie agent who is tired of being single and is more than ready to mingle. Jill Scott is gossip columnist Viviane who still has the hots for her baby daddy … ahem, child’s father. And rapper-turned-actress Eve Cooper – my favorite in this motion picture, by the way – is Amaya, an aspiring actress who just can’t shake her feelings for a womanizing playboy. While the characters and situations aren’t all that new or unheard of, the cast is undoubtedly worthy of praise. As the beautiful protagonist, Hall finally gets a chance to show what she is truly capable of – being a leading lady. Don’t get me wrong. I found her just as entertaining in Think Like A Man and The Best Man Holiday, but this movie definitely belongs to her. I thoroughly enjoyed her storyline and scenes in With This Ring. The montage of her going on hilariously awkward dates deserves a damn accolade.

Additional cast members include Brooklyn Sudano, Brian White, Deion Sanders and the charming Stephen Bishop – whom I am quite sure that the ladies went crazy over. With This Ring premiered on Lifetime back in February. However, I feel it definitely had the potential to be released in theaters. Not only are the casting choices solid, but the production quality of the entire project is pretty good. It’s evident that consideration and money went into the production of the movie which is fantastic. Special shout out to Tracey Edmonds and Gabrielle Union for serving as executive producers and not skimping on the budget.

My only complaint about the DVD is that there are no bonus features. Sorry, but trailers for upcoming films do not count as additional content in my book. I would have loved to have seen a behind-the-scenes featurette or perhaps even a gag reel, but instead we are just left with the film … but at least it’s a good one. With This Ring is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. Subtitles include English, English SDH and French. Additionally, the audio is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital which is always nice.

If you’re someone who is looking to laugh for 88 minutes then this movie is definitely for you. The DVD is worthy of any romantic comedy collection. And even though they all seem to be the same, With This Ring manages to be comedic, appealing and downright insightful.

All in all, it’s 24 karat fun!


With This Ring

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