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The premiere of Wayward Pines left me *meh* you might remember. I said it felt tired. A rehash of Ethan Burke’s story.

But if you know me you know I’m all about keeping optimism alive and having a positive outlook about television shows. (Hokay … maybe I’m not all about the optimism. But I encourage people to get a few episodes beneath their belt before calling a program quits. After all, one episode does not an entire program make.)

Now … I missed putting a post together for episode 2 (“Blood Harvest”) because I didn’t get the chance to take it in until it was too, too late. But my optimism was there, the hope “Blood Harvest” would come through and wash the dull taste out of my mouth the season opener had left.

Fat chance.



Ben Burke is tossed outside the electrified fence along with Theo Yedlin toward the very end of the premiere. And, while the good (and confused) doctor eventually makes it back into the confines of Wayward Pines, Ben is left to his ownsome … and survives the wrath of the Abbies. Come on – no one survives the wrath of the Abbies. That was a real groaner right there. You had to have suspended belief completely to think he actually beat the odds and remained upright, whole and healthy.

The plantation and its reason for being on the other side of the fence: It was explained the soil is more conducive on the outside for growing crops. Hokay … I’ll buy that. But, if everyone was so skittish about harvesting them with all the Abbies meandering about, how in the world did they plant them in the first place?

Well … it wasn’t explained but that action might have been accomplished with the assistance of those flame throwers to keep the creatures at bay. Still, appearances led more toward it being a new discovery those flamethrowers could be used to effect on the Abbies. See what I mean about things jiving?

In other words, episode 2 didn’t do anything more for me than episode 1 did. I was left with yet another rousing *meh* to contemplate until the following week. “Third time’s a charm,” I kept telling myself.

And then I spied the title of the third chapter: “Once Upon A Time In Wayward Pines.” Hmmmmmmmmmmmm … maybe this will break the chain of doldrums the program has cropped up with thus far. Plus, it sounds like a flashback episode.

And it did. And it was.



In a series of looks backward (thus the title of the episode) we learn Jason Higgins was groomed to lead Wayward Pines.

Creepy nurse Pam Pilcher made her return to the show. (Plus we were reminded she killed her sibling, the creator of the town.)

We got some neat story lines and conflicts between Dr. Yedlin and Pam, Megan and Pam, Yedlin and his wife, Jason and Pam.



Finally! We’re moving forward with the show! It’s enough to erase the fact the first two airings barely held our interest. Now we’re getting somewhere!

… but …

There are still a lot of unknowns out there to befuddle us. And I’m not talking unknowns we’ll get to as the show progresses.

I’m talking unknowns that get us questioning how certain things have actually come to pass, things that maybe the writers left out on purpose to keep us on our toes. (Maybe not.)

Some of these things I’m calling “ponderables” …




  • The Abbies seem to have retreated from the fence after their too close calls with flame throwers. Again: These creatures have just now learned this? The residents of Wayward Pines (better yet, The Powers That Be i.e. The First Generation leaders) took this long to figure this little tidbit out? Or did we all just miss something completely that explains this?
  • Don’t you find it exceedingly strange, especially as the show continues, Yedlin and his wife haven’t metaphorically “duked it out” and talked about what’s taken place in detail with regard to one another? It’s as if they’re both avoiding the issues, the elephant in the room so to speak. Rebecca’s silence appears as if she hopes by keeping quiet Theo will stop with all his questions. And Theo’s tact is more on the level of catching her when her guard is down. Just doesn’t seem reasonable between a husband and wife.
  • Speaking of the good doctor, rather strange he’s adapted to his new digs and his job a little too cleanly, doesn’t it? Yes, he’s still questioning things on the one hand. But, on the other, it looks as if he’s given up and decided to go with the flow. The two sides of the coin don’t mesh. And it bugs me. Example: How and when did he find out so much about Invasion Day? Who clued him in about Hawaii … Pilcher’s death … his inclusion and importance in Wayward Pines? Again … did I miss something? Did I blink and these explanations played out while I was blinking?
  • While I was pleased with Pam’s reintroduction, the quick turn around of her circumstances was almost too ironic. Basically, Yedlin worked his magic, and prevented her from infecting anyone (effectively saving the town) and, shortly thereafter, Jason kills her as reward for her treachery. That seemed a little too convenient. Once more, something doesn’t quite add up here.
  • Hey … here’s a really big one: WHO THE HELL IN WAYWARD PINES IS IMPREGNATING HIGH SCHOOL-AGED GIRLS … ??!!??!? Don’t any of the residents, First Generation, anyone realize this is EVIL … ??!??!

See what I mean about some of these “ponderables” within the show? Maybe it’s just me … but I don’t think so. Call me out if you think I’m wrong. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Regardless, the episode was a breath of fresh air. I’m just glad we got a much better hour’s worth of television to engage us than the previous two. (And … all those sex education posters on the classroom wall were hilarious: “Save The Nation With 4nication!”, “Do The Deed, We Need To Breed”, “Let’s Get It On”, “Seduce, Reproduce: It’s Nature’s Way”.

We still have obvious sidesteps I believe are skimpy on explanation but we got a far superior story this time around.

Has Wayward Pines righted its course with this episode? Start a conversation in the comments section below!


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