Twin Peaks :: Is Coop nearing a breakthrough?


There was a whole lot of Dougie and Janey-E Jones in this episode of Twin Peaks, and a lot of connection to Fire Walk With Me as well. But is the show finally going to give those viewers frustrated with the whole Dougie storyline some much needed relief? It certainly seems that way.

With the sixth episode, we’re now one-third of the way through the series so if David Lynch is looking at this like a three-act play, the first act ended with some very intriguing information. There was a lot of Dougie this episode, and no Mr. C at all, but the bulk of the episode really was about Dougie/Cooper getting closer to breaking out of his supernatural prison. Last time, words like “agent” and “case files” set off a little trigger, as did his love for coffee. This week, a security guard’s badge seemed to nudge him a little closer to reality. And then there was the vision of Phillip Gerard, the One-Armed Man (aka MIKE), imploring him, “You have to wake up. Don’t die, don’t die.”


Unfortunately for Cooper, Dougie Jones is a shady guy in a lot of trouble. He could have been blown up had he gotten in his car after his dalliance with Jade because of a gambling debt, and now there is a crazed person with an ice pick out to kill him. Sadly for the woman we saw recently who placed a call to Buenos Aires, the killer got to her first in a horrifically bloody scene.

But something is guiding Cooper as he began looking through the case files he brought home from work (once he finally got home courtesy of the security guards at his office complex). Looking at the pages, he saw small lights, almost like stars, on the pages which prompted him to scribble ladders and stair steps and other symbols on the pages. At his office, his boss Bushnell Mullins thought it was all gibberish but somehow there was something that connected the pieces together for him, seeming to prove that Dougie’s accusation of Anthony Sinclair being a liar was true. Mullins was thoroughly impressed with Dougie’s unorthodox investigation, saving his job in the process.

While a lot of people are tiring of the Dougie character, just because we all want our Cooper back at 100%, Kyle MacLachlan’s performance is riveting. He is really bringing a lot of pathos to the character without making it too over-the-top. He makes us feel real sympathy for this man who is trapped between two worlds, desperate to break out and back into reality. MacLachlan shows us the sadness on his face when something triggers him to remember who he is, and he also shows us the joy when he interacts with Sonny Jim, who doesn’t seem bothered one bit by his dad’s sudden odd behavior. The scene of the two playing with the Clapper on the light in Sonny Jim’s room was a nice respite from all the sadness hanging over Dougie/Cooper.


Naomi Watts got to really shine this week too. Realizing that Dougie did not call his bookies to make payment arrangements after hitting the jackpot, and then receiving a phone call demanding the $50,000 he owed, Janey-E took it upon herself to make the payment, setting up a meeting with the gentlemen who tried to kill Dougie a few days earlier. Watts’ Janey-E stood up to these men with a “take no prisoners” attitude. When she found out his $20,000 loan had ballooned to $52,000 with interest, she told them exactly what was what and that she was giving them $25,000, and that was that. No further discussion. It was a wonderful moment for Watts and the character as she left the collectors totally bewildered … and impressed.


As for the Fire Walk With Me connection, we saw the return of Harry Dean Stanton as Carl Rodd, owner of the Fat Trout Trailer Park, taking his daily sojourn into town just to get out of the park. Concurrently, Richard Horne was having a meeting with drug runner named Red (Balthazar Getty) to discuss distributing drugs that are coming into town from Canada. Richard was already hopped up when Red flipped a dime in the air which hung there, then appeared in Richard’s mouth, disappeared and was back in Red’s hand. That and Red calling him “kid” really cheesed the kid off, causing him to speed through town in his pickup, plowing down a small child in a crosswalk. Carl heard the mother’s shrieks and ambled over (while a bunch of extras looked on with unconvincing terror and grief), seeing a yellow light ascend from the boy’s body up to the heavens. The accident was also witnessed by Miriam, a pie-loving school teacher who had just left the Double R after having two slices of the best cherry pie in the world (and it was nice to see Shelly, but where was Norma?). As Carl saw the light fly up to the sky, we also saw his Number 6 light pole which also had the numbers 324810 on it.

Now, point of contention: in the movie, Carl’s trailer park and light pole were in Oregon, not Twin Peaks so is Lynch screwing with us or is this just a continuity error? Nothing with Lynch ever seems like accidental, so this one is perplexing to say the least. Of note here though, going back to the opening prologue of Episode 1, Cooper was told by the Giant to remember two names: Richard and Linda. Richard is almost certainly Richard Horne, which basically solidifies the idea that he could indeed be Cooper’s or Mr. C’s son, and Linda was mentioned in passing by a resident of Carl’s trailer park, a woman in need of a special wheelchair. We have yet to actually meet her, but do we think these are the two the Giant warned Cooper about? That’s an affirmative.


If this is the end of the first act, then we did get two major bombshells. One involved Hawk back at the police station, still fruitlessly searching for the missing piece — not a chocolate bunny — that has to do with his heritage. While the episode was filled with more references to the color red, like the red square that appeared on a laptop monitor to alert the guy in Vegas to pull a file folder out of a safe (which contained the photos of Dougie and the bookie woman for Ike “The Spike” Stadtler to kill), there were also dime references, first with Red’s magic dime and then Hawk’s Indian Head dime that fell out of his pocket and rolled into a stall in the men’s room. Looking for the dime, Hawk spotted an emblem on the door from the company that made the door, Nez Perce Manufacturing, and then noticed the top corner of the door was bent back a bit. Getting a crow bar, he pried the panel open enough to retrieve a couple of pieces of paper at the bottom of the door. Definitely hand-written but what could they be? There’s a very good chance these could be the missing pages of Laura Palmer’s secret diary, the one that detailed the darker parts of her life. The diary was partially destroyed but BOB knew of its existence as he possessed Leland Palmer. Leland spent time at the police station before his death, so it’s quite possible that he hid the pages there. This really does seem like the missing piece the Log Lady told Hawk about, particularly because he found it with images connected to his Native American heritage.


And the biggest of the bombshells happened in Philadelphia, where Albert paid a visit to Max Von’s Bar (with a neon sign that was suspiciously reminiscent of the one on The Bang Bang Bar) in the pouring rain, hilariously cursing Gene Kelly’s name. Inside the bar, we see the back of a woman’s head with a short blonde bob. Then Albert says her name — Diane. Could it be?! Have we finally gotten our first glimpse of the heretofore unseen Diane, the woman Cooper dictated all of his findings too, the woman many suspected didn’t even exist? If this is the one woman who can tell if the man in South Dakota is or isn’t Agent Cooper, it has to be Diane Evans in the flesh. It seems that things are really going to get rolling now. Are you still on board?

Oh, and the iconic traffic light finally made an appearance (turning red)! Yay! And Heidi, the waitress at the Double R, was seen in the first and last episode of the original series, as well as in Fire Walk With Me, giggle and all. And more King Arthur references this week as Janey-E had her meeting at the park at the corner of Guinevere and Merlin. And now we have a little more insight into Sheriff Truman’s awful wife, who returned to berate him more because her father’s car apparently isn’t fixed. As the deputies make snide comments about her, the switchboard operator reminds them that the Trumans’ son, a military vet, committed suicide and she hasn’t been right since. Okay, I can cut her some slack now. And we went back to The Bang Bang Bar for the closing credits were Sharon Von Etten performed “Tarifa”.

What did you think of this episode? Is Cooper closer to coming back? Tell us what you think!


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