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NBC’s Timeless is really revving things up for the season finale — thankfully the network gave the producers three additional episodes to work with — and the penultimate episode finds our heroes torn between their duty and their honor. With Rittenhouse suddenly in charge of the time travel program, Wyatt a fugitive, and Agent Christopher pushed out, what’s left for Lucy and Rufus at this point?

New NSA guy Neville (Jim Beaver) is not happy with Lucy’s and Rufus’ performance of late, but what does he expect after turning things upside-down? Well, he expects them to comply or spend fifteen years in prison. That does not make for the best work environment. But Neville has a new mission for them, and a new assassin to replace Wyatt. He wants to stop Flynn in his tracks, so the new plan is to take out Flynn’s mother before he’s born, not a mission either Lucy or Rufus is comfortable with but they have no choice. Luckily Rufus still has Jiya on the inside to help them out, slipping her an untraceable “burner” cell phone to contact her.

They make the jump back to Dallas, and are there just long enough to shoot the new guy with a tranq dart and jump back to the present to regroup with Wyatt and Agent Christopher. Rufus also sent a worm into Mason’s entire computer network, taking down the system and making it impossible for them to track the Lifeboat. He inadvertently made Jiya an accomplice, in the eyes of Mason and Neville anyway, putting her out of commission as far as helping them evade the NSA. But don’t count her out just yet!

Surprisingly, Garcia Flynn also seems to be having doubts about his mission, seeming to make things worse as he tries to change the course of history by stopping Rittenhouse. But he persists, jumping back to 1931 Chicago to prevent Al Capone from being arrested. But it’s not Capone he really needs, it’s Mayor William Hale Thompson who is the Rittenhouse connection.


Flynn’s latest jump, though, put the team in a bit of a pickle. The original plan was to save Lucy’s sister (and her father promised he would help her do that once this new mission was complete), but knowing Flynn was still moving around forced them to put that plan on the back burner so off to Chicago they went, discovering Capone not being taken to jail for tax evasion (thanks to Flynn) and Elliott Ness (Misha Collins) not quite the “Untouchable” history knows him to be. The team confronts Ness, using the names Connery, Costner and De Niro, telling them they are private investigators from California (sort of a way to explain their mix of 60s and current fashion, leading Ness to ask Rufus is he’s wearing a woman’s sweater) who need to bring in the man helping Capone.

But they don’t get very far with Ness who is gunned down in his secret apartment by one of Capone’s men — quite a surprise to see Collins exit the episode so quickly — but Lucy knows of one other person who may be able to help them: G-Man Richard Hart, otherwise known as Jimmy Capone, Al’s long missing brother who changed his name to avoid any family connection.


Flynn gets what he wants from Capone when the mayor is brought in and through some coercion reveals that the members of Rittenhouse meet once every 25 years just to make sure everyone is on the same page. The last meeting was in 1929, so the next one will take place in 1954, giving Flynn the opportunity to pop up at the meeting in DC and take out the whole group in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, the team arrives too late to stop Flynn, but Capone is happy to see his long-lost brother. Unfortunately, Flynn told him these people would be coming and that Capone should shoot “the colored man” so they wouldn’t be able to follow him. When Capone realizes his brother is there not for a reunion but to arrest him, he shoots at Rufus and gets shot in return, killed by his brother.

But Rufus is hit too, in the stomach, losing a lot of blood and knowing they won’t be able to take him to a hospital. So it’s off to the Lifeboat, but Rufus is in bad shape and loses consciousness before he can hit the switch to take them back to the rendezvous point with Christopher.

Jiya, while being held in a room conveniently filled with circuit boards and other equipment, manages to hack into the system again just as Mason had gotten the computers back online, knocking out power to the entire facility and getting everything cleaned up again before anyone could pin the new outage on her. With one episode left, and the fate of the series hanging in the balance, we’re left to wonder what will happen next.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will the team be able to stop Flynn or will we end on a cliffhanger? Will the show come back for a second season? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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