Timeless :: Lindbergh and Hemingway and Baker, oh my!


What do you get when you cross Charles Lindbergh with Ernest Hemingway and Josephine Baker? Why, another rip-roaring adventure on NBC’s underrated Timeless, which is only two episodes away from ending its first — and hopefully not last — season.

When we last left our intrepid time travelers, Wyatt was under arrest for stealing the Lifeboat to try and save his wife from being murdered. And after all the trouble he went through, she’s still dead (although he did manage to save two other women by preventing their killer from being born). But, did Garcia Flynn lie to Wyatt about the killer’s identity, or is this all just some cosmic joke on Wyatt, that no matter what he does, she’s not supposed to live? Or is it, as Agent Christopher tells him, simply that he’s meant to do something else before he can have that happiness he so desires? Well, that’s going to be hard to do while in custody … but having a friend like Christopher doesn’t hurt as she slips him a paper clip to aid in his escape during one of her visits.


But lives have been turned upside down thanks to Rittenhouse. Now that Lucy knows her father is part of the organization, and that she is also somehow attached, born into it, she’s all for letting Flynn carry out his mission of killing Rittenhouse at its roots. Which this week means going back to Paris, 1927, on the night Charles Lindbergh is due to touch down after his Transatlantic flight. But Flynn needs Lindbergh to fall short of his destination and shoots his famed Spirit of St. Louis out of the sky, taking Lindbergh to the catacombs under an old chalet. And, as it turns out, Lindbergh is part of Rittenhouse too.


Lucy and Rufus are forced to follow Flynn, taking along David Baumgardner, Wyatt’s waiting in the wings replacement (he almost took over for Wyatt earlier in the season). In Paris, the trio meets journalist Ernest Hemingway, looking for a scoop about Lindbergh’s crash landing, and chanteuse Josephine Baker, who also happened to do a little spy work on the side (and Picasso and the F. Scott Fitzgeralds also happened to be enjoying drinks and jazz in the same nightclub but did not figure into the plot). While at the club, Rufus spotted Flynn’s new pilot Emma leaving. A chase ensued, leaving Baumgardner dead (because he followed orders and brought an era appropriate firearm) and Emma and Flynn’s other henchman on the run.

One of Baker’s allies said that she saw the people in question going into an abandoned chalet, but once the team arrived they could find no trace of anyone … and then Hemingway got sick and needed to step outside, leaving Lucy alone. When Rufus and Hemingway returned, Lucy was gone. It took a while for Rufus to finally put the pieces together that there were catacombs under the chalet, so they set off after Lucy who was working to convince Flynn not to kill Lindbergh. She was sure that, with all she knows about her life now, she could talk him out of becoming the person she knows from history, a big “a-hole” as she called him, for becoming a paranoid, Nazi sympathizer … which is really stretching the truth a bit. Lindbergh and his wife had considered moving to Berlin, and were impressed with their military and the engagement of the youth, and he did receive a medal for his contributions to aviation that he only regarded as another award, but after the infamous Kristallnacht that left scores of Jews dead and up to 30,000 more sent to concentration camps, they cancelled their plans to move, returned to the US and Lindbergh became an isolationist hoping to keep America out of the war, although his political and philosophical leanings had tarnished his image and many did see him as a Nazi sympathizer.


Flynn agreed to let Lindbergh live if Lucy could convince him to change his ways, and while he was off to have a talk with another Rittenhouse member, Emma allowed everyone to leave. But they had no idea what they were coming back to. After they left, Agent Christopher was relieved of duty and a new NSA agent, Neville (played by Jim Beaver), took over. Lucy and Rufus thought they had really screwed something up but found that nothing had changed, historically, including Lindbergh. But the cat is out of the bag about Lucy’s father, unnerving Connor Mason, angering Rufus (for a minute), and getting sympathy from Wyatt and Christopher. But with those two out of the program, Lucy and Rufus need to keep playing along until they can find a way to stop Rittenhouse.

The question is will they be able to do so in the space of two episodes? One would think not, but if NBC is not going to renew the series for next season, they’d better not leave us hanging.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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