The Ripper goes to Paris on Time After Time


The latest episode of Time After Time gave John and H.G. — and the production and costume design team — a chance to galavant across time to Paris but the journey really served no story purpose. At the end of the previous episode, John learned from Brooke that he had a son in Paris in 1918. Intrigued, John made his way to the time machine and H.G. had to go after him once they all learned about the son, and that he was to die that day. With John preventing his son’s death, the ripples through time could be catastrophic.

Of course H.G. refused to allow Jane to accompany him to a war zone for her own safety, but coming off as a bit sexist in the process (not that he understood the term “sexist pig”). John managed to find his son at a café, where he also met his son’s girlfriend, and then followed him back to his troop which was about to be deployed, unknowingly to their deaths. H.G. also found John at the café, but through a series of misunderstandings, he was believed to be a spy, allowing John to get away.


John basically held his son captive while the troop deployed, and was killed as expected, but what ramifications did this have for the future? Well, Jane was going through some old photos, because apparently photographers were everywhere in Paris at this time, and discovered a shot of the café after it had been hit by the Germans. She recognized John’s son from another photo cradling a woman, his girlfriend, but another figure lying on the street caught her eye. It was H.G.

No longer willing to sit back and let H.G. die, she had Martin remotely operate the time machine to send her back. Naturally the first person she encounters is John and she frantically explains to him what is about to happen. Knowing his son has now gone back to the café as well, he took Jane to try to prevent tragedy. But they were too late as the German’s “Paris gun” fired into the city, mortally wounding the girlfriend but H.G. was still alive. John’s son, believing he could save those still trapped inside the café, rushed in but was killed by an explosion in the building. In shock, Jane convinced John to help him get H.G. back to the machine and back to 2017 because there was nothing he could do at this point to prevent his son from dying. Of course, this meant that John would also be taken into custody by Vanessa’s men. The only thing that really happened here was proving fate could not be cheated. It also dashed any thoughts that John may somehow be related to Brooke and Griffin (and that would have been really awkward given Brooke’s sexual encounter with John).


Instead all we got about the siblings was that Brooke is perfecting some of her father’s experiments, including some kind of dermal growth and replacement (which came in handy since Griffin had been slashed during his encounter with John), and they they don’t want anyone to find out about Project Utopia. Brooke even went so far as to have one of her human experiments with a 900 lb grip kill a former associate of Vanessa’s father who may have had information about Utopia, but Vanessa got there after the murder but before the killer could make off with the paperwork.


After an episode of pretty much nothing of major importance happening, we got two little tidbits of interesting information. From a conversation between Brooke and Griffin, we can now assume that they are the children of the man Vanessa’s father killed to obtain the stolen documents (the murder that H.G. and Jane witnessed in their trip to the past) as Brooke commented that Vanessa’s father destroyed their family. We were also given a shocking clue about Project Utopia in the paperwork that Vanessa had taken which showed some kind of experiments had been conducted on a subject by the name of John Stevenson. Huh?! That was certainly enough to pique my interest again, but it still makes me wonder just how they’re going to explain all of this time travel that neither man is aware of just yet.

Oh, and nice little name drop there when John and H.G. were in Paris talking about the escalating wars, and John suggesting H.G. could write something and call it “The War of the Worlds.”

Are you watching Time After Time? Think you know what’s going on? Share your theories in the comments section below!


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