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You want daunting? I have daunting for you right here:

There are twelve hundred thousand different kinds of cheeses out there in the world.

That’s daunting.

How in the whole wide world do you wade through that kind of decision? One piece at a time, baby … one piece at a time.

Of course, there’s no way you’re going to get the opportunity to do so. But, if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble on a few that just might rock your (cheese) world. And I’m here to assist you in that little endeavor. Courtesy of Tillamook.

In the world of everyday cheeses, Tillamook has got it going on. Cheddars, Jacks, Swiss, Colby to name a few. Me? I prefer the sharp cheddar, more so the extra sharp cheddar when I can get my hands on it. And I can confidently offer Tillamook’s Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar and rockin’ Hot Habanero Jack for your dining and dancing pleasure, too. I’ll leave the Colby and the medium stuff to the lighter palates — I like my cheese bold and statement-making.

With cheeses so bold, it makes sense Tillamook has got an equally powerful advertising campaign to hock them, something I’m completely on board with. There’s nothing like a favorite product with an in-your-face social program to go with it.

Tillamook has been advertising for quite some time but their latest ad crusades are winners. The loaf of cheese being ripped in two is showy in the best way. If you don’t have a snappy product to begin with (and they do) the spot isn’t worth squat in the boast department. See if you don’t agree with me …


Convinced? Makes me want to run out and get a two-pound baby loaf right now … regardless of the fact I already have cheese calling my name in the fridge.

And the campaign isn’t just limited to cheese. Their other products are showcased just as intensely. With the same bangin’ soundtrack thumping in the background. It’s attention grabbing. With might and main.

For your consideration:




See what I mean? With such energetic images, you can’t not have vendibles of superior nature to back those spots up.

Another spiffy thing about the company is the thought process that goes into their packaging. For example, pick up a pound of butter and you not only get a delicious spread for your English muffins, you have a breakfast’s worth of entertaining and informative reading to go along with it. The container the cubes come encased in is chock-full of interesting reading and references — everything from company history to comical asides, proving Tillamook has got chutzpah to go along with its quality product lines.

You know the saying “With ultimate power comes ultimate responsibility” … right? Tillamook takes that power and flaunts it. In your face. tweet

And not only do they have the right to do so, to our delight they have fun doing it.

Huh. That cheese picking process — not so daunting after all, is it?

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  1. P.S. I wrote Tillamook to see if I could find out the music used in the spots and received this response from Casey McLafferty at the Tillamook Consumer Loyalty Team:

    “Thanks for your email and for your question! That was a good one.

    “I checked with our ad agency and they said that it was done by a very small artist/music agency that is based in the UK. I think it was one individual artist that is a DJ on the side. They don’t have much (if any) of an internet presence, so I wasn’t able to find a website for you to check out. Sorry about that!

    “Thanks again for your message”