The King, The Widow And The Leader Are Spotlighted On The Walking Dead


Well, here we go. Showcases on three specific characters – Ezekiel, Maggie and Rick.

The common thread between the three? All share a vendetta against Negan, Maggie especially. Maggie and Rick have more motivation to take him out because of deeper, personal reason: Glenn. They’re laser-focused on Negan; he was the one who exacted Glenn’s fatal blows. Ezekiel is in the same boat, but the deaths he experienced didn’t come from Negan first hand.

So … let’s delve in a bit more on the three …


Ezekiel: I don’t know about anyone else, but I couldn’t help notice the parallels between Ezekiel and Morgan this episode. The (former) King is at a huge crossroad currently; he’s torn and broken over leadership decisions of which he feels responsible. His direct orders caused the deaths of a huge chunk of people under his command … and he’s having a difficult time coming to terms with their consequences. Result? Remorse, isolation, rejection, his unwillingness to “play the role” any longer. Enter Carol, who has seen this thing over and over again. And who has been wary of such costume-wearing as much as she’s been inspired by it.

The parallels I see come into play when you think about Morgan stumbling on the home of Eastman as a broken man (S06E04’s “Here’s Not Here”) and all the lessons he learned as a result of Eastman’s teachings. Carol played that Eastman roll to a degree. Ezekiel needs time to absorb her words. Time will tell if he responds to them. Combined with the results from each colonies’ attack on The Sanctuary, that just might be the ticket to winning him back over, seeing his leadership is wanted and needed in the world.


Maggie: Man, does she have a lot on her shoulders right now. A newborn, the hope of Hilltop’s community, her commitment to Rick and the added burden of the prisoners of war Jesus has supplied. One of the best things that could have happened, however, was Gregory’s usual opinion spouting. He got his just desserts being thrown behind bars with the Sanctuary lot. (Where, without doubt, he’ll continue to stir the pot once he comes around.) As much burden as she’s bearing, she’s making correct decisions above and beyond anything Gregory could do as a leader. He was never a judicious, understanding, forward-thinking manager. At least not where his own selfish desires were concerned.

Maggie’s got more going on as head of Hilltop than Gregory ever had. And while Gregory did nothing but cower and jump at every Negan whim, she’s managed to step up and tussle with The Sanctuary chief’s lackeys, something her predecessor never even considered. It helps she has the backing of other communities and Rick out conducting the main dirty work, but she’s been nothing less than a mover and shaker herself during her rise to the top.


Then there’s Rick: What in the world is he thinking heading back to those Garbage Folk in an attempt to make yet another “deal” with them? I don’t understand it. They’ve betrayed him several times over, Jadis having made multiple broken promises and even shooting Rick point blank while rescinding one of them. Dude … she can’t be trusted as far as she can be thrown. What doesn’t Rick get about that? Why is it so important for him to get their backing, their support? Because it’s not. They’re a wild card that’s best taken out at the knees. In fact, it’s worth doing away with Jadis and leaving the group leaderless with the question hanging in the air of can they regroup rather than seeking their allegiance.

But, no. Rick has to push the envelope. There’s no glue left on the flap of that envelope and that group keeps opening it and escaping it to the call of their own whims and desires. Why in the world would you want that kind of trouble? It’s just one more thing in the back of your mind you needlessly have to worry about.

Now? He’s a prisoner in their camp. We have no option but to hurry up and wait for what comes next. Because you know he has a plan. We’re just in the dark about it right now …



  • Carl has a new friend, Siddiq. Let’s see where that goes. He might turn out to be the male equivalent of Enid. Trouble? Aid of some sort? Who knows?
  • No further clue on that helicopter from the episode prior. My guess is something will be revealed about it come the mid-season finale in a few weeks.
  • The destruction of the “speaker truck” by Daryl and Tara was just too, too, too convenient … to the point of exaggerated eye rolling.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9:00 PM on AMC.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. We want to hear from you!



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