The gathering storm on The Walking Dead


Insights within The Walking Dead‘s “Something They Need” …

Tara – Of course the regret she feels at betraying Oceanside is palpable. You can see it on her face, hear it in her voice. But the overriding need to do what must be done in order to usurp Negan and his clan supersedes that regret. And the noble thing about it all is she took the time to explain to Natania and Cyndie the situation, urging them to join Rick and company in the cause. Natania’s spurn didn’t deter her from the job at hand, however.

Oceanside – Think about it: If you were embedded in a nice little community with creature comforts, readily available food and protection, and someone came along and pillaged your place, you’d be perturbed too. Especially when you’ve run up against The Saviors previously and things didn’t turn out so well. And of course you’re going to be more than skeptical about any plans of contention against The Saviors. The fact of the matter is that Oceanside was ransacked in no uncertain terms. Yes, there was explanation behind the deed with a token plea asking its residents to join them in the greater cause. But, when it comes right down to it, there wasn’t any choice in the matter. I’d be pissed, too, if it happened to me.


Sasha – Though trapped, she’s still scheming for one last attempt at Negan. She’s single-minded in that regard. And it appears in her mind Eugene has flipped to the other side, not an unreasonable conclusion at all. But, just as Eugene did a couple episodes ago, she played the game to her benefit … and seemingly to that of Negan as well, “convincing” him she’s willing to at least board his train if not ride comfortably along with it.


Eugene – Indications are it certainly seems like he’s flipped, doesn’t it? Remember that smirk of his during “Hostiles And Calamities” when he pulled the wool over Negan’s eyes? It indicated there was a play in the works, a method to his madness where he could at least foster a little monkey business down the line by acquiescing. There wasn’t that telltale sign about him this episode. There’s still conflict inside him about his friend Sasha in giving in to her request, but it was difficult to tell in this chapter whether he’s putting on a show or not. From Sasha’s position, that doesn’t bode well.

Negan – I’ve mentioned previously Negan’s antics (read: the way he toys with people when he talks to them) has become tiring and boorish. And things didn’t change one whit when he was speaking with Sasha. Funny how such mannerisms are endearing in one character (Eugene) and aggravating in another (Negan).


Gregory – Such a weasel. The only redeeming qualities the dude has are (1) he won’t rock the boat and (2) you can see the conflict in him to want to do what’s best in the end. The thing is his selfish ulterior motives continuously get in the way. And the fact, you know, he’s a weasel.

Dave – Interestingly enough, when there is such dissension in the ranks (Dave’s thwarted attempt to violate Sasha) it only means the leadership of a community – Negan’s authority, specifically – isn’t thrusting on all cylinders. An authoritarian vibe run by fear just doesn’t cut it if it’s not constantly enforced. But we’ve known that for some time about The Saviors. And especially in the case of …

Dwight – … who was obviously the one skulking around in the shadows watching Rosita at the end of last week’s episode. It wasn’t Daryl as surmised. It was Dwight … conflicted, forlorn, angry Dwight, who has been stepped on and abused by Negan to the point it appears he’s ready to go full turncoat. Convincing Rick of such is going to be a really hard sell.


This penultimate episode of the season certainly put all the ducks in a row … or at least pointed them in the right direction. Hilltop is preparing for war, The Kingdom has learned some hard lessons, Oceanside has been overtaken for the cause and there’s a tenuous truce between Alexandria and the junkyard. Let’s not forget to mention the turning of the tides within Morgan and Carol.

The storm is gathering on The Walking Dead


Continuity: I don’t look for these things. Long, long ago my ability to pick up on the flubs of a program just came natural to me. Believe me when I say I’m not actively hunting for this stuff …

  • When Dave “ripped” Sasha’s shirt just prior to Negan breaking up his little personal party? Well, he didn’t. You can see her shirt is stretched out of place and hanging … but it’s not ripped. Next scene back to her, it’s clearly been torn.
  • With Gregory standing over Maggie outside the walls of Hilltop while she’s gathering that blueberry sapling, you can clearly see the placement of his arms and hands. It’s a back view of Gregory with his left arm at his side. The immediate front view, however, shows hands on hips. He didn’t place them there in the blink of an eye.
  • Did you notice there was no character exit this episode? The second to last chapters of the seasons has been fertile ground for nixing one of the tried and true on the show. Not this time around. Perhaps not even during the upcoming finale …

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