Change of plans on The Walking Dead


Summation: There’s preparation all around at Hilltop in anticipation of the inevitable move against The Saviors. Maggie makes nice with Daryl where all is forgiven with regard to Glenn’s death – Daryl has been struggling with the overwhelming guilt that Glenn’s demise was his doing, after all. Sasha and Rosita finally bond while, in direct contrast, Weasel extraordinaire Gregory lays it on the line for Jesus: They’re not friends and they never will be.

Then there’s that episode ending kicker: Sasha bamboozles Rosita and heads off on a suicide mission to try and take out Negan.

We were given a lot of set up and forward motion this chapter of The Walking Dead. Not to mention the least of which was Eugene’s (possibly) perplexing spurn of Sasha and Rosita’s offer of escape. (That wasn’t as perplexing as it seemed, however. We all know Eugene is infusing himself into the Negan mix with ulterior motives down the line. The dude is thinking and he has a solid plan in mind.)

The big question is what’s going on with Sasha. It really does appear she’s on a suicide mission, which makes perfect sense being Sonequa Martin-Green is set to make her debut in the new Star Trek: Discovery television series as that series’ protagonist. (What? You didn’t know that? Well, whoops … spoiler!)

But let’s continue to hold our horses a bit longer and not jump to conclusions. Because stranger things have happened other than the obvious on The Walking Dead. This could be a clear cut case of events following a logical path but we all know The TWD Powers That Be don’t always follow those rules. The proof will be in the pudding. She could well be captured, tortured and suffer the same fate we saw Daryl endure. (Where, naturally, the reappearance of “Easy Street” will make toes tap once more.)

And while that scenario (and others) could raise its head, my gut tells me this is the beginning of the end for Sasha. Her fate is sealed and her time is very short from here on out.

“The Other Side” wasn’t quite as satisfying as last week’s “Bury Me Here” but it was a nice coupling between its predecessor and as a lead into the final two installments of the season.

Hold onto your hats, folks. I’ve a feeling things are about to get rocky.


Notes and Quibbles

Who was that in the distance eying Rosita after she fled The Saviors’ compound? It appeared that shadowy figure boasted a cross bow so … Daryl? He did ask about Sasha and Rosita earlier on.

Dumbass Dumbassery of the Day: What say we hop in the back of a pick-up truck where custom installed exhaust stacks are mounted so anyone sitting back there can conveniently inhale all that carbon monoxide goodness during a rather long ride to The Saviors’ compound. Sound like a good plan to you? Maybe that plan was so good Dr. Harlan of Hilltop could be subdued by the fumes in all his anticipation of arriving at The Saviors’ place. You know, to calm his nerves and stuff. But … the flaw in this plan is that other members of The Saviors are sitting back there with him, so … Yeah, I think you catch my drift.

Nothing pisses off women like seeing something once given (in this case a necklace with a token) hanging around some other woman’s neck. Abraham is speaking from beyond the grave, still ticking off those he was closest to. Nice call out, TWD

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  1. The last two weeks I actually fast forward some of the show. I have never done that before.