Frustrating stupidity exhibited on The Walking Dead



Haven’t I talked about people doing dumb things on The Walking Dead previously?

I know I have. I’m certain of it.

*shuffles around the internet for a moment to verify claim*

Yep. I sure did.

But here we are again, back in the same old boat. With characters flying off the handle – such that it may be – and taking off on their lonesomes simply to end up getting themselves in life-threatening pickles.

Why? Why do they do it?

In the early going of the series, this was understandable in that everything was new and fresh and, while dangerous, things hadn’t solidified completely with regard to “bad guys” knowing the ropes, realizing they could cull the unwitting into traps and capitalize on the free-flowing stupidity.

Now? With what everyone knows? You have to be pretty dim to go off half-cocked on a personal mission without any back-up or planning or without some kind of contingency plan in place.

But that didn’t matter. All that got thrown out the window in the penultimate chapter of the season. Carol and Daryl both set off on personal quests only to put themselves and others in jeopardy. And it didn’t take long for them to end up in their respective messes.

It’s maddening. I must have let out at least half a dozen frustrating exhalations between the both of them before, during and after the shit kept hitting the fan.

The results? It appears Carol may be injured and it’s a good bet Daryl is definitely injured with a non-life-threatening flesh wound, courtesy of the reason he went wild in the streets to begin with – to seek some revenge on Dwight.

But we’ll get back to Daryl in a moment. Let’s talk about the lesser of the dumbass moves in Carol first.



Rick noted she’s “a force of nature” at one point in the episode. There’s certainly no doubt about that. Still, though, shit happens. And sometimes it’s unexpected. And you find yourself right smack dab in the middle of it by happenstance. We witnessed the play by play but we don’t know the complete outcome of Carol’s tussle with The Saviors. It’s known most are dead but any stragglers who may or may not be after her are still left in the mix.



Daryl, on the other hand, went full force into his dilemma without his head being attached securely. Or at least without his brain being engaged. Yes, half the original Savior group he and Rosita and Denise ran into were effectively dealt with (translation: killed) not long beforehand but to race back into the fray at the exact same location with full knowledge Dwight could be lurking with reinforcements, well … that’s nothing less than opening a door marked “Do Not Open – Disaster Awaits On Other Side.”

And, sure enough, Daryl was rewarded for his efforts. Despite the fact he knew better. Despite the fact Glenn tried convincing him otherwise. Despite, despite, despite. I give Daryl his kudos often but this was one direction he never should have went into. (At episode’s end, all indications point toward Daryl being targeted and shot by Dwight. We won’t know for certain until this Sunday’s season ender. The action, unseen, left us hanging with a blood spatter and a “You’ll be all right” from Dwight. But you know how The Powers That Be like to mess with us. It could be someone other than Daryl who was shot. Doubtful though.)

What I’m saying is this: Both Carol and Daryl stupidly got what was coming to them. They don’t have anyone to blame but themselves. That’s painful to state but it’s the absolute truth.



Other dumb moves in the episode? Daryl’s actions left Glenn and Michonne captured. Morgan remained out in the open to see if he can discover Carol’s whereabouts. And Rick left Morgan out there for same. The brainlessness soldiers on.

Come Sunday, however, it might all be forgotten with the introduction of Negan and whatever the finale holds. The Walking Dead has promised a doozy of a final episode.

And just as safe a bet it was to conclude Carol and Daryl were going to get in trouble, you can double down with equal confidence the 90 minute concluder is going to be revealing, action-packed and an edge-of-your-seater.

All I ask out of our heroes is, please … no more dumbass moves. (I can dream, can’t I?)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who do you think will meet their maker in the finale? Tell us in the comments below. We want to hear from you!

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  1. I was explaining my take (or at least *a* take) on “Why? Why do they do it?” to a friend last night.

    It really looks and feels like that moment in poker when someone who has been grinding it out for hours, and is left with a short (small) stack pushes in with a relatively weak hand. They have gone for so long without satisfactory results and can’t take it anymore… but don’t have enough chips (because of earlier losses) in front of them to walk away. So they dump everything into a crazy low percentage hand in an all or nothing gesture that almost always ends with the latter (nothing) rather than the former (all). I’ve watched people do it for years at the poker tables… often really good players that would normally never make that kind of move.

    Call it fatigue, call it nihilism, call it whatever… extreme circumstances, coupled with the idea that things just aren’t getting any better on their own, often lead to horrible decisions.

    That’s how I answered the “why” question for my friend (he needed an answer that fit within the show). For myself… I’m afraid I think it is just a bad plot and bad writing… but I’ve become a bit of a cynic lately… there’s only so much stupid I can take.

    • Yeah … I’ve seen that poker move, and many variations of it, a lot over the years.

      I get that vibe from Carol and all she’s been through. It makes perfect sense where she’s coming from. She’s seen too much, Morgan has niggled away at her, she’s had somewhat of a change of heart, she’s fed up with it all … time to throw in the towel in a manner of speaking.

      But Daryl? No. His wasn’t that kind of move at all. His was out and out revenge needing to be fulfilled. Top it off with a generous helping of “I have no real plan on what I’m doing” and << BOOM >> you have the exact situation he’s in right now.

  2. Carol has really disappointed me with her wimpiness in the last two episodes. I don’t think Daryl is dead because that would be suicide for the show. To answer your question, yeah, a LOT of dumb moves. I definitely saw the gun discharge in the end, the one that appeared to be pointed at Daryl, but I think it’s similar with Glen and the dumpster. I don’t think Daryl is dead. They’re just giving us a REALLY good reason to watch the finale.