Jokes are plentiful in this week’s episode of The Orville


The newest episode of The Orville is the sixth episode in this short season and I’m realizing that I’m really enjoy the show. It’s a show that balances drama with comedy and has some impressive makeup work and fun characters. Seth MacFarlane is really starting to find his style in the show with his humor, and with each passing episode I find something I like even more than the previous episode. The previous episode had a surprise guest of Charlize Theron as a mysterious rescue who we find out has purposely made herself a victim to obtain the ship. The last few episodes were very similar in plot points to classic Star Trek films and this episode pokes fun at Star Trek and species other than humans.

The sixth episode is titled ‘Krill’ and centers on Mercer and Gordon as they go undercover as Krill to learn more of their history and find a copy of their bible. This is the second episode so far that has focused on the Krill as a villainous group, the first one being the very first episode and it didn’t structure them well. Previous episodes have given enough character development for other members of the ship and in this episode, Gordon has ample screen time to solidify himself as a fun sidekick to Seth MacFarlane’s Mercer.

The point of Mercer and Gordon’s mission was to obtain information on the Krill and their history as it is very bleak to the members of The Orville. The Krill have continuously destroyed unarmed planets and innocent colonies and I loved learning about the Krill’s history and routines as a species known to be killers. As Mercer and Gordon infiltrate the ship, they dress up as Krill and awkwardly attempt to become a part of their lives. The Orville packed a lot of history for this species into one episode and I thought it flowed nicely. Throughout the episode we learned that the Krill as a species are just like us. They pray, go to school, and gather together for lunch. I found this to be refreshing because villainous groups in movies are never deeply explored and sometimes their motives are unclear. Even though they didn’t fully dig deep into the Krill’s religious beliefs and their god, I understood a little more of what they believed in and their actions in the beginning of this episode and the first episode. This episode focused on the central message that everyone should accept all religious groups regardless of their beliefs.


This episode was more of a humor based episode whereas the previous few episodes have focused on building a strong storyline. I found myself laughing plenty of times and it reminded me a lot of Seth MacFarlane’s hit show Family Guy. Many of the jokes were quick and well-timed to add a punch to a lot of moments. The episode opens with Gordon and Bortus talking about sushi and how Bortus can eat anything due to his species digestive system. This proceeds with Gordon having fun and asking Bortus to eat a variety of unappealing items like glass, a cactus, napkins, and more. I thought it was a fantastic opening that set the tone for the episode which was light-hearted. Several other jokes regarding the car renting company, Hertz, and the Krill’s god were stand outs for me.

This episode didn’t have the strongest of plot lines but it offered plenty of laughs throughout to keep me entertained. Constant references to things on Earth reminded me a lot of Seth MacFarlane’s style on Family Guy and it is translated well into this episode. I would love to see more episodes like this in the future where the characters are silly and laughs come in a bundle. For right now, I am pleased with the direction MacFarlane is taking on his new science fiction show.

The Orville airs Thursdays at 9:00 PM on FOX.

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