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The Gifted finished out its first season this week — and yes, there will be a second — with the mutants in utter turmoil. And, in my opinion, it’s all thanks to the Frost sisters but no one seems to have put three and three together. At one point, mutant Sage even blames the Strucker family’s arrival for the mutants’ woes. Sure, the arrival of the Strucker family put everyone on Sentinel Services’ radar, but with Dr. Campbell’s Hound program getting support from political insiders, they were bound to be found out with or without the Struckers at the Mutant Underground headquarters.

But things have taken a more dire turn with the arrival of Esme and her sisters. Everyone knows that they have the ability to get inside someone’s head, so why is no one attributing the recent, out of character behavior of Andy and Lorna to the influence of the Frost sisters? This is like a major plot point that no one has addressed.


Lauren and Andy have been at odds since one of the sisters talked to Andy a few episodes back. She obviously planted something in his head and ever since then he’s been moody, to say the least, more interested in the history of his Von Strucker ancestors, and prone to emotional outbursts. He nearly botched an attempt to get his grandmother to safety by confronting Sentinel Services agents instead of seeking cover, and ended up getting into a super-powered fight with his sister. All Andy wants to do now is fight, but he seems more bent on destroying the enemy than working together with the others to protect his family and the mutants. In his mind now, killing the enemy is his way of protecting everyone. That’s not the Andy we met at the start of the season, and his sudden maturity has a little more to it than teenage hormones. While Lauren has voiced her concerns to her parents about how he’s changed, they just brush it off and focus on something else.

Lorna, too, has undergone a change ever since talking with the sisters. We already know Esme has messed with her head concerning the safety of her baby, and it’s obvious that she is fully under the Frosts’ control — even if a little backstory (in which we get to see the X-Man Evangeline, who recruited Lorna to the Mutant Underground) wants us to consider her behavior is attributable to bi-polar disorder. Marcos sees that her behavior has changed and instead of thinking about possible mind control, he goes right to her mental state. She denies that she’s having a bi-polar moment, but like Andy she is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her and her family safe. Even if it means murder.


With Sentinel Services ramping up its hunt for the mutants, and getting support from a right-wing senator to expand the Hound program, a team attempts to kidnap Dr. Campbell at a Humanity Today convention, where like-minded people gather to discuss solutions to the mutant menace. Disguised as a security detail for another attendee, the mission goes out the window when Campbell shields himself with a group of children. That Marcos, Johnny and Clarice weren’t about to harm innocent children should speak volumes about their character, but the Frosts were none-too-pleased that they were deterred by the kids.

Knowing that Campbell was getting on a place with Senator Montex, the leading anti-mutant senator, the sisters again convinced Lorna that she was the only one now who could stop them before the got to DC and pushed through even stronger anti-mutant legislation. Realizing she was gone, Marcos, Johnny and Clarice went after her but even as they tried to appeal to her better nature, she brutally tore the plane apart in mid-air, killing not only Campbell and Montez, but several innocent people on board the plane as well. Stunned by her actions and the resulting explosion as the fuselage crashed behind them, Lorna had vanished before they could make another move.

Back at headquarters, Agent Turner and his men, including a couple of different Hounds teams, laid siege to the building. Andy and Lauren did manage to work together with some of the other teens who had been in combat training with Lorna. Reed also helped them hold off the agents while Kate and the rest attempted to break through the wall of the vault in the basement of the building. As the Hounds were making headway, an exit was made and everyone got out of the building. But Andy and Lauren knew the only way to make sure everyone could get to safety would be to use their combined power to take down the building. They did, killing the Hounds, but Turner and his agents got away. Facing the senator who originally gave him the authority to carry out the attack on the Mutant Underground, Turner found himself being made the fall guy for “overstepping his bounds.” Refusing to play the scapegoat, Turner resigned from Sentinel Services. One thing that seems certain though is that with Turner out and Campbell dead, the Hound program is no more. But what happens now to the mutants in captivity with Sentinel Services?


Later at the way station, Marcos, Johnny and Clarice returned and learned that everything they had built was now gone, obliterated by the Strucker children (they were also safe). But the question for everyone now is what do they do? They can’t start from scratch because they have nothing and the Sentinels and Hounds will just come for them again. Kate implores to them that this is the time for them to fight harder, they can’t just give up after all they’ve been through. Then, Lorna and Esme show up, and Esme says they are going to build a new team with a chosen few and those few knew who they were. Sage, Fade (the mutant bartender) and a few others joined Lorna and Esme, and then … Andy got up to join them as well. Reed tried to stop him but Andy lashed out with his power, tossing them all back a bit, saying he loved them and didn’t want to hurt his family so he was going to join Esme, Lorna and the others to help rebuild the group his ancestors helped found — the Hellfire Club.

The end of the episode promised season two was “coming soon” so while I’d assume that wouldn’t be until the fall, it’s really unknown at this point when the show will return. But it’s interesting that while Fox originally wanted a Hellfire Club series, it seems the show will be going in that direction for its second season. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available. One thing we can probably look forward to in season two was hinted at in the finale episodes. Reed’s mother mentioned a woman whom her husband had worked with, Madeline Risman. Madeline isn’t a known character in the X-Men universe, but Matthew Risman is, as the leader of the Purifiers, a religious group that believes all mutants are demons. The Purifiers were seen in a flashback with Blink, and her encounter with them led her to briefly join The Brotherhood. So look for that to be a major plot point in season two.

The Gifted will return for a second season in 2018.

What did you think of the finale? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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