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The Gifted returned from its holiday break for the first of its last three episodes. Or rather, the next to last episode before the two-hour season finale in two weeks. This bizarre bit of scheduling by Fox doesn’t bode well for the show’s future unless there is some major ratings magic this week and for the finale. Why interrupt a three week run with a repeat and then cram the last two episodes into one night? It makes zero sense. Why not just bring the show back a week later and finish with the finale the next week? Especially when things are just starting to (finally) get interesting.

The episode opened with simultaneous funerals, one for Sonia/Dreamer and one for Agent Weeks, both with their friends vowing retribution for their deaths, but neither side seeming to realize their being pitted against one another by a completely separate entity — The Hellfire Club. We kind of suspected Hellfire would make its way into the storyline once Esme was revealed to be one of three Frost triplets, and because Fox was working on a Hellfire Club series before ditching it and developing The Gifted instead. Perhaps, though, they should have stuck with the original plan since its take eleven episodes for the show to really get moving.

In the wake of the Frosts murdering several Sentinel agents, the Struckers have decided that it’s time to cut and run before the feds descend on the Mutant Underground. Thanks to Esme and her sisters, Andy and Lauren are back but neither of them want to leave, feeling they can do more to help right where their at. Mom and Dad have a differing opinion, and unfortunately they also have the last word and don’t want to be around when the Frosts return.

Lorna, however, believes joining with the triplets is the mutants’ best option, regardless of what Marco thinks. But the question remains, how much of that is actually Lorna’s own thought and how much of that is being implanted into her mind by Esme? She’s already screwed with Lorna’s thoughts about her baby, so who’s to say this new gung ho, take no prisoners attitude isn’t also just Esme playing mind games with her?

With the Struckers on their way to Mexico, they take a break at another Mutant Underground facility where Lauren is reunited with Wes, but somehow one of the triplets also catches up with them, trying to convince Andy that he and his family need to come back and join them in their fight against Sentinel Services. But between Lorna and Andy, the sisters are obviously manipulating everyone for their own agenda, and that somehow ties into the Hellfire Club. They keep reporting back to a mysterious man who can crush coal into diamonds, but they seem fed up with his more bureaucratic approach to dealing with Campbell and his Hound Program. Their roguish behavior may not sit well with the unseen Club members who prefer to do business from behind a desk.


Meanwhile, Campbell has convinced Agent Turner that his program will work and round up more mutants. He offers to demonstrate just how powerful two mutants under his control can be, and they somehow manage to stage an attack on the very facility the Struckers have just taken refuge at. Harnessing two mutants, they are able to pull down walls and suck the people inside the building out to be apprehended by Turner’s agents. For Turner, this is just what he needs to avenge not only his daughter, but his partner as well. Campbell’s program requires little manpower on Sentinel Services’ part, so there’s less of a chance of an agent being killed in the line of duty.

Johnny gets wind of the attack on the other facility and he, Marcos, Lorna and Clarice make their way there to rescue the Struckers and whoever else they can get, but the Hounds are more powerful than they ever imagined. Andy suffers a concussion while Wes and Lauren try to protect everyone else. As the others arrive, they find themselves basically cornered in the woods outside the facility, the Sentinel agents locating their escape vehicle. But Andy suddenly wakes up and tells everyone to follow him to safety. And it just so happens the Frost sisters are waiting for them to help make their escape.

But by causing even more mayhem outside of the purview of the Hellfire Club, what exactly is the end game for the Stepford Cuckoos? Hopefully we won’t be left with a major cliffhanger in the season finale.

The Gifted two-hour season finale airs Monday, January 15 at 8:00 PM on FOX.

What did you think of this episode? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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