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The Gifted is getting a bit frustrating with its storytelling. Do we need all of the side stories that take away from the main action? No! I’ve been over the whole Clarice (Blink) memory implant thing for a while now. Dreamer offered to take the memory away and Clarice refused, choosing to live with that lie in her head and then making everyone else uncomfortable not to mention putting them in danger by running away to do her own thing.

And then Johnny has to go chase after her to try to help her find that road she kept opening a portal to when she was unconscious. Turns out it was near her adoptive parents’ house, they’re all dead, she’s upset because it had to be because of her, back to the Mutant Underground she and Johnny go. But Clarice’s fake memory may not be so fake after all because Johnny is obviously developing feelings for her, made all the more obvious by his avoidance of Dreamer. So a love triangle is developing. Yawn … I mean yay. In this world where no one actually talks about their feelings, this is not going to be fun.

Speaking of feelings, remember the new guy Wes that Lauren was cozying up to? Turns out he’s got a file on the Sentinel Service hard drives that Reed and Marcos stole last week. While he’s conjuring up visions of lakes and mountains for Lauren, dear old dad is about ready to drop the hammer on the relationship. But mom Amy intervenes and make Reed speak to Lauren first, and then she flies off the handle and breaks things off with Wes. Not quite how Reed intended that to go so he has a heart-to-heart with Wes, convincing him to confess his past sins to whoever is in charge there, he does, all is well with Lauren … and then they ship him out to another facility. Was there any point to this storyline except to take up space?

And then we have to deal with Marcos and his awful ex Carmen who did him one favor and now acts like she owns him, calling him whenever she needs his services to help her drug business. Marcos, you have the ability to fry her and her henchmen. Just do it the next time she refers to Polaris as “Magnet Girl” in that condescending tone of hers. But he’s done two “favors” for Carmen at this point, so I’d consider that payback enough for finding route information for the prison convoy. But now that she’s dangling lots and lots of cash in front of him, Marcos is not about to let that go if he can help his people. So noble, but it will end badly for one of them.


The real meat of this week’s episode, however, is back at Sentinel Services where Dr. Campbell is twisting the laws to suit his own needs — and preying on Agent Turner’s grief. When the head of Sentinel Services tells Turner to shut down his operation, she also calls a meeting of the agents. Why she allows Dr. Campbell and his minion in the room is beyond reason and she pays for it. While telling the agents they need to follow protocols, she begins to hemorrhage from what Dr. Campbell says is a stroke. Of course it’s from his little weasel friend, or should I say Hound, and now Turner can continue his above the law operation.

So just what is Dr. Campbell up to? Well, this is where things finally get interesting. While Reed and speed reader Sage go through the stolen hard drives to try to find more information about Pulse and the Hounds program (which is the one that turns mutant against mutant), they discover that it’s not a government program but a private military contract awarded to … Trask Industries, which is a big name in X-Men mythology.

Bolivar Trask invented the mutant hunting Sentinel robots that were seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past in the Earth-811 timeline. There Dr. Campbell leads the Hounds as the cyborg called Ahab. In the film and in The Gifted, we know that Trask Industries ceased to exist in 2006 and Reed’s father worked for them for 35 years. Which means his father could have been working for Trask at around the time of the events of Days of Future Past, connecting the series to the films in a way that Marvel won’t really let Agents of SHIELD connect to the MCU. But this is Fox and they have ownership of the X-Men and the term “mutant” so they can do as they please connecting these two properties. Which makes one wonder just where the FX series Legion might fit into this, if at all.

The Gifted airs Monday at 9:00 PM on FOX.

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