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Last week I complained that The Gifted was already spinning its wheels and going nowhere after just three episodes. The fourth episode, “eXit strategy”, finally gained some traction but now we have the lingering question of where is this show heading? It’s beginning to feel a lot like a one season show that has no real sustainable storyline over multiple seasons. Is it going to be a constant hide and go seek game between the Mutant Underground and Sentinel Services? Because if it is, that’s going to get frustrating and tedious before much longer. At some point the mutants are going to have to leave their home base and start moving and performing acts of heroism to keep this train rolling. It’s been done before. Look at the classic The Incredible Hulk TV show which had David Banner always moving, always meeting new people and often helping them, and always having to look over his shoulder to avoid capture. And before that, The Fugitive did the same thing for several seasons with an end game in place for when the show was cancelled. It just doesn’t feel at this point that the people running the show at The Gifted have really thought things out for the long term.

Last week there was basically nothing happening as the show began and ended at virtually the same place. At least this week there was finally some movement to the main story. I do have to give the writers and showrunners some credit for keeping the story focused on one plotline instead of having two or three things happening at once. This week’s story stayed focused on the mutants’ efforts to spring Polaris and Reid from Sentinel Services’ clutches, and gave us just enough of a backstory to introduce a new mutant into the mix, Pulse (The Vampire Diaries‘ Zach Roerig). Two years before the current story, the group was trying to get some of their friends out of prison and it all went wrong, ending with the apparent death of Pulse. But we had to know that if they were going to introduce a character who had the ability to shut down all electronics, sort of like a human EMP, that he’d come into play later.

Marcos and his team learned that Polaris and Reid were being transferred to a new maximum security facility, sort of like a mutant roach motel — they check in but never check out. So the plan was to break them out before the move, but that little incident with Pulse lingered and a large majority of Marcos’ team preferred not to participate. And with only five members of the team ready to get to work, it came down to the one non-mutant to devise a more sensible plan — hit the convoy while it was in motion. Like that idea never dawned on Marcos?! It seems more logical than trying to break INTO a prison.

But first they had to know the route and the time of the transfer so that forced Marcos to contact a former employer of sorts, a mob type drug lord whom Marcos used to work for torturing information out of people. But the guy had retired, leaving his daughter in charge … who also happened to be Marcos’ ex, the woman he left for Polaris. So naturally this meant he’d have to compromise himself in order to get the needed information, including coercing information from someone she just happened to have in the back and making himself available to her when she needed his services. I don’t know why, but this little plot diversion really annoyed me.


With the information at hand, it was then a question of how to stop the convoy with such a small group and not make it seem like a group of mutants were behind it. So no melting of tires. As much as she wanted to keep her children out of it, Kate knew that Lauren and Andy were their best hope of stopping the convoy because they could use their powers from a safe distance and make it seem like the bus experienced a broken axle. The plan worked but Agent Turner was certain mutants were behind it. Marcos had a mutant I don’t think we’ve been introduced to yet, Trader, who could make himself sort of invisible (more like the distortion effect of the Predator). Attempting to get closer to the action, Trader and the others realized their powers weren’t functioning and Trader was shot several times. But what could be causing the powers outage? Why their old friend Pulse, of course, now working for Sentinel Services.

Inside the bus, Reid, who had been trying to convince Polaris to work with him (but she carries a massive grudge against his past work imprisoning mutants and has no sympathy for him now that his own kids carry the X-gene), finally gets through to Polaris and while everyone is trying to figure out what’s happening outside, she pulls metal pins out of Reid’s leg (how convenient!) and uses them as weapons against the guards. Kate has already sent Lauren and Andy back to the Mutant Underground headquarters but she’s able to get ahold of a Sentinel Services van while Marcos engages Pulse long enough to knock him out, allowing Clarice to open a portal for Dreamer and Trader to escape through. Polaris and Reid make their way off the bus and she is able to disarm the agents with her magnetic powers and Kate arrives just in time to get everyone into the van. Everyone gets away but now Jace Turner is on the warpath. The question is how long will it take before there’s a massive showdown (perhaps right before a mid-season hiatus?), and where things progress after that.

There were two things kind of left hanging this week. First was the dreams/memories that Clarice was having about Johnny. She seems to know these memories are not real, and she asked Johnny if they ever went outside when she first arrived. He said no but he hasn’t told her the truth about the implanted memory, and it seems only a matter of time before she realizes how she was used by Dreamer. The other question mark involves Dr. Campbell, who after being teased briefly in the past two episodes was not seen at all this week. With the escape of Polaris and Reid, will Turner now be more open to working with Campbell?

What did you think of this episode? What do you think lies ahead? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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