The concept of family is put to the test on The Gifted


We’re three episodes in with The Gifted, that magical time when a new show finally finds its way, where the cast really clicks and understand their characters and where the writing starts to sharpen. The cast was on their game right from the get-go and the writing has been fine. But I feel like we’re just doing a little wheel spinning this week trying to create some drama that definitely won’t have any kind of major payoff because it’s just too early to bring a big conflict to the Mutant Underground headquarters. And there was another week of a single scene teasing Dr. Campbell without giving us any more information about him other than he wants to study the Strucker kids.

This week focused mainly on Reed and Kate Strucker and their actions and reactions to the danger posed to their children by Sentinel Services. Reed wants his family to be safe so he’s willing to work with Agent Turner to help lead the agency to the Mutant Underground. He agrees to have a tracker placed on him and go to the bar where he spoke with Marcos, hoping the bartender would give him the information he needed. The bartender wasn’t too keen on helping Reed but he finally relented and took him to a room at in the back of the bar to wait until closing time when they would head out.

Reed wasn’t counting on anyone else being there — turns out this is like some sort of Mutant Underground Railroad — and he befriends a mother and daughter, both of whom have the X-gene. But his eyes are suddenly opened by the compassion both of them show him, first when the mother takes away his pain, and later in the van when the little girl tries to comfort him, both wonderful moments in the episode. But knowing he was potentially leading these people to prison or death, he leapt out of the van, putting himself back in hot water with Agent Turner. Turner previously had no luck getting Lorna to rat out her friends/family, so she and Reed are both going to be transported somewhere they take the mutants to get information out of them. The fact that Reed is not a mutant doesn’t matter at this point. And Lorna is in bad condition after using her powers to rip the door to her cell off its hinges, despite the power dampening collar she’s wearing.


Knowing she has to do what she can to help Reed, Kate decides to sneak out one night to seek help from her brother Danny. But the kids refuse to let her go alone but with little money on them, they’re finding it hard to get out of the city. Andy suggests using his powers to take money from an ATM, but Kate isn’t too keen on adding bank robbery to their list of crimes so he just makes all the parking meters explode so they can gather enough change for cab fare (and that had to be one pissed off cabbie). And even though Danny knows people who might be able to help Reed, he is not interested in offering Kate and the kids anything but some beds for the night.

Andy and Lauren’s cousin Scott is pretty impressed he has mutant family members and asks Andy to give him a little demonstration. Andy breaks a trophy and Scott texts a friend who swears he won’t tell anyone else. Uh huh. The next day an armed posse arrives to take the kids to the authorities, but Danny has found some compassion and tries to talk some sense into the men who are only interested in the bounty. Marcos and Johnny (Thunderbird) managed to find them first but they needed a way out without any violence. After Danny was sucker punched, Andy couldn’t control his rage and made the front door explode. Marcos zapped one of the rifles aimed at them and they managed to get to their car, but the mob followed.


Back at headquarters, Clarice had been attempting to regain control of her powers with Johnny’s help but she could not find anything that she cared about to focus on. Enter Dreamer who, against Johnny’s orders, offered to help Clarice by implanting a false memory in her head of a relationship with Johnny. Knowing he is in danger helps Clarice focus enough to create a portal and they drive through in the nick of time, arriving practically at the door to their compound. But after Clarice’s schoolgirl-like reaction to seeing him safe, he knew what Dreamer did. If this plays out like it has in the past, it’s not going to end well.

So basically there were two missions this week, both of them failed and eveyrone ended up right back where they started at the top of the episode. Wheels spun.

What did you think of this episode? Will the story actually go somewhere next week? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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