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Everyone knows that The Flash is my favorite superhero. It’s been that way since before the hit television series even started. So, naturally, you can understand that I went through major withdrawals during the summer. Seriously, guys. It wasn’t pretty. Now that’s over – Hallelujah! – and we can get back to the fun that is The Flash.

When we last left Barry at the end of season two, he was busy zipping back in time to save his mother from Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. This, of course, was something that we all groaned at. I mean, seriously. Barry just never seems to learn, does he? Any die-hard fan of The Flash knows the ramifications of going back in time to change something and the consequences that it can have on the timeline. Heck, just watch Back to the Future! It begs a question regarding Barry Allen – has he learned anything? Luckily for us, that question finally gets answered.



The third season premiere of The Flash, titled “Flashpoint,” was inspired by the popular event in DC Comics history that led to the creation of The New 52 and dealt with the consequences of Barry’s actions. Obviously, given the unlimited scope of comic books and their access to all of DC’s super-powered characters, The CW’s version can’t help but be smaller. However, it works wonderfully and is very fun. We get to see Barry being happy to be with both of his parents again while working up the nerve to ask Iris out on a date. It turns out that she’s helping the new Flash – Kid Flash to be more exact – who happens to be her brother Wally. After rounding up the old team – Cisco, now a self absorbed billionaire and Caitlin, who in this new timeline, is an optometrist, Barry takes on The Rival and wins, naturally. Or does he?

As we all saw, Barry’s losing memories of the past timeline and the only way for him to fix this, as the Reverse-Flash points out, is to set things right by undoing what he did at the end of season two. It makes for one entertaining hour. However, what I enjoyed the most was Barry finally realizing that he can’t always have things his way. One of the things that I like about Barry is the fact that he cares. He has a heart of gold. However, sometimes he can be rather impulsive and, quite frankly, can make some very stupid decisions. Season two is chock full of Barry being careless. It appears that he has now finally learned that his choices come with consequences. And as we can see, even though he has now “fixed” things, the current timeline isn’t quite repaired. We’ll just have to keep watching to see how this all plays out.

Other thoughts …

  • Can I get an amen for Kid Flash’s costume being comic book accurate?! Well done!
  • Caitlin kind of got the short end of the stick in this episode, wouldn’t you say?
  • Did anyone else catch that Barry’s new boss is Julio Mendez from the 1990’s The Flash TV series?! The fact that Alex Desert reprised his role is just all kinds of awesome! Here’s hoping for a scene between him, John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays in the future! A nerd can dream, right?
  • Is it just me or was The Rival’s costume, um, tacky?

So, what were your thoughts on The Flash premiere? Don’t be shy! Feel free to comment below and I’ll catch you next time!



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