The Exorcist takes an emotional turn for the season finale


Well that was some season finale, a real emotional gut punch to conclude the saga of Andy’s possession and deepen the events transpiring within the Catholic church. I don’t think any of us were prepared for these events.

Last we saw of Father Bennett, he was hospitalized after being stabbed by a shard of glass courtesy of Mrs. Walters’ demon. In the hospital and unconscious, Bennett has a vision of his sister whom he hasn’t seen in 22 years and is most likely dead since she tells him she’s waiting for him. Attending to him are two priests, very shady characters indeed, and unbeknownst to the nurse, there is a vessel under the bed. The priests are part of the conspiracy and are awaiting the ash from the container to infect Bennett, turning another exorcist to their cause. And when Bennett’s eyes finally open, we begin to feel a bit hopeless as we see he now has the double pupil of the possessed. Can he be saved?

Back on the island, Tomas finally catches up with Marcus who is still in the forest with the incapacitated Andy. Marcus is shocked and not really happy to see that Tomas has brought someone else along — Mouse. It’s not that he’s unhappy to see her, he’s just unhappy that she’s taken up this dangerous vocation, hoping that she would find a different path for herself. But the three take Andy back to the old building with the well and team up to perform the exorcism.


But this is a powerful demon and none of their rituals is having any effect. Tomas decides that he must allow the demon into his mind again and offer up himself to save Andy. Marcus is not on board with this plan but he really can’t stop Tomas. It’s better than Mouse’s solution — kill Andy, kill the demon, simple as that. That is another plan Marcus is not on board with. Their job is to save the possessed, not murder them.

Tomas gives himself over to the demon and finds himself back inside Andy’s house. A pair of eyes open in a dark room and a black figure walks out, but as it gets closer to Tomas, Andy arrives in the nick of time, hitting the figure with a bat and causing it to vanish. But every time he “kills” the demon it comes back a little stronger. Tomas tells Andy that he has to stop holding the demon prisoner but he can’t. He knows if he lets go, it will just find another host on the island and put another family in danger. Plus, Andy believes that since this is all his fault, his kids will never forgive him for what he’s done. Tomas tells him that he would be surprised how they feel. While Andy is shouldering all the responsibility, Tomas is still trying to convince him to let Tomas take the demon so Andy can return to his family. Andy isn’t sure and gives Tomas some messages to deliver to his kids and Rose should he not make it out.


But Andy does relent and Tomas, confronted with the demon seems to realize that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to offer himself up as a sacrifice. Trying to barricade himself in Nikki’s old art studio, he finds Andy there who tells him that nothing can keep her out. While Andy tries to hold the door closed, all of the paintings on the wall begin to run, the paint forming a puddle of black goo on the floor, the demon rising from the goo. Tomas tells the demon to take him instead and the demon wastes no time in accepting the offer. But Tomas puts up a mighty fight.

In the real world, Marcus and Mouse watch Andy, who levitates and wails in agony. They also see Tomas being tormented as well. As Andy drops to the floor and Tomas continues to shake, a shot suddenly rings out — Marcus shoots Andy in the head, killing him and the demon before it can take control of Tomas. Stunned when he comes to, Tomas tells Marcus he could have saved Andy, but Marcus says that was not a sacrifice he was prepared to make.


This absolutely shocking turn of events has completely shattered what little faith Marcus still had, causing him to remove himself from the mission he and Tomas had set out on together, telling Tomas that he is an exorcist and he doesn’t need his help any longer. Marcus believes he’s committed a mortal sin now by killing Andy and if God had stopped talking to him prior to this, he’s sure God will never speak to him again and he’ll end up going straight to Hell, so he leaves Tomas who has now accepted his new role as a mentor/partner to Mouse, on a new mission now to eradicate the demons from the Vatican and the rest of the church.

Before they leave, Tomas visits Rose and the kids and delivers Andy’s heartbreaking messages to them. To Rose, he wanted her to know that every kiss they had, from the first to the last, was real and he wished he’d told her how he felt sooner. To Harper, even though she’d only been with them a short time, she was his daughter. He wanted Caled to know how much in awe of him he was, and how much he appreciated how Shelby stepped up to protect the family. To Verity, he wanted her to know how much she changed his and Nikki’s lives when she first came to live with them. No matter what, they will always be his kids. And they know he sacrificed his life to save not just them but everyone else on the island.


Three months later, Rose goes to visit Truck and she has some good news for him. She’s found a new foster home for him, which he eagerly accepts because he’s not having an easy time in the facility he’s been housed in. But Rose tells him he’s going to have to be patient with the new parent because this is their first foster case. It could be temporary but it could be permanent as well. When they arrive at the new house, Truck looks around and sees photos of … Rose, Andy, Nikki and the other kids. In another room setting up a welcome home party are Verity, Shelby, Caleb and Harper. Rose is the new foster parent and that family will remain together.

The last moments of the episode find Marcus standing at the end of a dock, looking out over the bay when he suddenly … hears God speaking to him. But the message he gets doesn’t seem that it’s one of comfort but rather that something has gone terribly wrong and Tomas and Mouse need his help. End of scene.

Season 2 of The Exorcist was a bit more consistent in its storytelling than Season 1, which really didn’t kick into gear until the fifth episode twist. The end to Andy’s possession came as a real shock, but there are still some unanswered questions about Nikki. Did she really kill herself because of depression? And what was the significance of that rock that was found in the art room? With the end of this particular story, I doubt we’ll ever know for sure what really happened to Nikki. I also have a question about Rose becoming a foster parent. She told Andy that the law required two parents to foster, so how is she able to pull this off, especially as a new foster parent? Because of her profession? I’d like to think that, as we learned when first meeting Verity, she did age out of the foster system over the course of the few months that had passed and she is helping Rose as the co-parent.

Even with a few questions (and whatever happened to the Fish & Wildlife guy, Peter?) and the shocking conclusion, The Exorcist has been appointment television for the past two seasons and hopefully the Powers That Be at Fox (or Disney should the merger go through) see fit to bring the series back for another season. The producers have ideas but will remain in limbo until the spring when the network sorts through its new pilots. If Fox does pass though, that will give the producers an opportunity to shop the show to another outlet, and in interviews they have dropped hints that they’d be very open to continuing on Huluor other platforms! More viewership there would show everyone involved that we want more!

The Exorcist seasons 1 and 2 are available on Amazon and iTunes.

What did you think of the season finale? Do you want to see more? Start a conversation in the comments section below!



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