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We skipped a post for last week’s The Exorcist because there really wasn’t a lot to talk about. Father Tomas and Marcus continued Andy’s exorcism, Rose took the kids in an attempt to get them off the island until the procedure was over, Tomas wound up getting a little too deep into his head, and Andy set himself free from his bondage.

This week, Marcus is trying to track Andy and bring him back before anyone else gets hurt, but he’s too late for the couple who had taken in the kids prior to their attempt to leave the island by ferry. Verity put that entire operation in jeopardy when she insisted on retrieving a book from that house that she had thrown in the trash while she was angry at Andy, however misguided she was due to thing the demon had said to her. Rose left Shelby, Harper and Caleb at the ferry to get Verity but Andy first found the two women at the house and then took them to the old building with the well. Then he went to the ferry and tried to convince the other kids he was old Andy again, but Shelby wasn’t having it. And Harper was still a bit upset about the murder of her mother. “Andy” reasoned that her mother was a sinner and God brought her to him for judgment. At this point, no one is buying the demon’s “I’m Andy” act.

At the old building, the demon is torn between which of them to kill first, but that’s to Shelby’s spouting of Scripture, he gets to go last. Rose is chosen first and the demon levitates her over the old well. Counting down from ten, the boards break and when the final one is gone, she plunges to the bottom, leaving the kids alone, thinking she’s dead. But Verity has managed to slip her bonds to make an escape which is enough to distract the demon from the others. But where can she go now? And what is up with this forest? We’ve seen the large cocoons in the tress since the beginning, but now it seems that the entire place is one large cocoon. Is this a manifestation of the evil that’s on the island?


While all this is going on, Tomas is still trapped in his head because of his reckless decision to allow the demons into his mind. Before Marcus left to find Andy, he locked Tomas in a closet for his own safety. While in his dream state, Tomas found himself back at his parish, now a bishop, encountering people from his past. He’s confused, and doesn’t believe any of this is real but he begins to go through with the ritual. And then he spots a very familiar face — Casey Rance (I was really expecting Geena Davis to pop up but it was nice to see Hannah Kasulka again, this time as a manifestation of the demon in Tomas’ head). Of course this completely tips off Tomas that none of what he’s experiencing is real as “Casey” taunts him for leaving his parish, claiming it’s been bulldozed and that Rose is now dead.

Tomas wakes up and makes his way out of the closet and encounters Andy at the bottom of the stairs. Andy tells him the demon is too strong and Tomas tells him to keep fighting, but … Tomas is actually still in his dream state. He is finally rescued by Mouse, whom we saw evading two men at the ferry. Apparently they were from the Vatican, but she was able to dispatch them both (girl’s got skills) and somehow find Tomas to release him from the demon’s hold.


Marcus found the three kids and untied them and told them to get to the ferry while he went after Verity and Andy. But Harper wasn’t about to leave without checking to see if Rose was dead. Surprise, the demon lied to Tomas. Rose was a alive in the snake-infested water at the bottom of the well, and the three kids managed to pull her out using one of the ropes Andy had used to tie them up (and considering Shelby has what appears to be a broken ankle after Andy savagely beat him — off camera — this was a real act of God for them to haul her out of that well).

Verity managed to tuck herself inside one of the giant cocoons, but while she thought she was going to trick the Andy demon by backtracking in her own muddy footprints, the fact that they just stopped suddenly was enough of a clue that she was still very close by. Andy found her and attempted to smother her with a part of the cocoon over her face. Is that possible? It seemed pretty thin for that to happen. I’m no expert on cocoons and how tightly woven the fibers are, but it really didn’t seem like she could suffocate from it. Either way, Marcus got to them just in the nick of time. Knocking Andy unconscious, Marcus tells Verity to run to the ferry to join the others.

With the season finale upon us, the stage is set for Tomas, Marcus and now Mouse to join together to banish this evil once and for all.

The Exorcist season two finale airs Friday, December 15 at 9:00 PM ET on Fox.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will the exorcists save Andy or will the demons be able to continue their mission to wipe them all out? Start a conversation in the comments section below!



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