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After the events of “Darling Nikki”, we find poor Andy now in the grips of a demon toying with his memories and emotions about his late wife while Marcus and Tomas fight to keep Andy lucid enough to help drive the demon from his body. And while Rose is concerned about Andy, she’s also got the kids to think about as they just witnessed the man they regard as a father brutally murder Harper’s mother. And there’s the matter of her dead body in the next room.

But Andy has become easy pickings for the demon, never having really dealt with his grief or the reasons behind Nicole’s suicide. The demon forces Andy to relive watching Nicole walk into the lake several times, the first not being able to even find her body, but when the rescue divers do, he notices the mysterious rock fall from her dress as she’s placed on the stretcher. But we still don’t know if this rock has any other significance. In other fever dreams, Andy does find Nicole, one time dead, and in another she revives because Andy put her over the kids.

This is where the demon is really working hard on Andy. The kids. Andy says Nicole killed herself because she was battling depression, but the demon shows Andy that she was actually depressed because of the kids, because they never had any time to themselves. In the memories Andy is seeing now, the kids are brats, actually driving Nicole to kill herself. In other memories, Nicole has redecorated the study for Andy and created her own studio (not the one in the attic). In one memory, Andy has a new sports car but he seems to not feel that things are quite right, in every new memory asking where the kids are. Nicole always replies, “In the garden,” and then Andy finally decides to go to the garden where he sees five burial mounds.


Andy hears the kids say they’re glad Nicole is dead and in others Nicole argues with Verity and questions whether it was the right thing bringing these kids to their home. Andy finally gets enough of a grip on himself to know that that’s not how things went. These are not his real memories. The priests continue to fight to save Andy, bringing Rose in at one point just to give him someone familiar to connect with. But it doesn’t go well as Andy begins hurling insults at Rose.

At one point Andy sees the exorcists transform into demons then freezing in place as Nikki appears and tells him to make a choice — her or the kids. The exorcism by the demons continues as Nikki is splashed with holy water, burning her skin, begging Andy to choose. He does as a powerful force tosses the men across the room. When they look back at Andy, he’s sitting up, eyes completely dark. It looks like he’s chosen Nicole. Can anything save him now?

The Exorcist returns Friday, December 1 at 9:00 PM ET on Fox.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Andy be saved or integrate with the demon? Start a conversation in the comments section below!



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