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As we all learned in the last episode, there is an evil on the island off the coast of Washington State, one that has targeted and destroyed families for decades, and now it seems to have set its sights on Andy and his foster family. Father Tomas knows there is something in the house, Marcus isn’t too happy that he went back to the house after being instructed not to, but it’s probably a good thing he did. But Tomas now feels that what he regarded as a gift, his being able to commune with the demons, is now more of a curse because of the things he’s being shown.

But Andy doesn’t know what’s going on. Is he losing his mind? How can his dead wife Nicole be standing in front of him? What happened to little Grace? Nicole tells Andy he sent her away, but she’s there now and nothing will ever split them apart. Andy knows this isn’t real but at the same time it is, as Nicole tells him, exactly what he’s been longing for. Of course that’s how demons work, give you what you want to reel you in and then take your soul. But can Andy keep his cool?

Knowing that there is some presence in the house, Tomas and Marcus speak with Rose once again to ask if anything out of the ordinary has been happening in the house, or have there been any changes in personalities? Poor Truck has been taken away to a mental health facility for evaluation after nearly killing Verity, but he says that “she” told him to do it, the voice in his head. That’s probably not going to help his vase much. And while Rose is concerned about where Truck may end up, Andy is … a bit too matter of fact about the situation, especially when Verity says she’s not pressing charges so Truck can come home. Andy bluntly says Truck is not coming home.

But Rose has noticed Andy’s behavior and allows Marcus and Tomas to come to the house for dinner, the ruse being they’re just coming to say goodbye and to thank Andy for taking Harper in. At dinner, Shelby says, “What about Grace?” which stops Andy cold for a moment and then he realizes he’s asking about the before dinner prayer. While Tomas is delivering the pretty standard prayer, Andy makes a few snarky comments that seem really out of character. All the while he’s got Nicole behind him trying to get him to keep a cool head so the priests can leave and they can get their family back together.

The dinner conversation turns a bit ugly when Andy starts poking at what he considers unethical practices of the church, like the conversion therapy Verity’s parents put her through. Does Tomas believe in that? He doesn’t and he apologizes to Verity, but everyone agrees that Andy needs to leave the girl out of this conversation. But Marcus and Tomas are now pretty sure something has gotten a hold of Andy. At one point, Marcus has a private chat with Harper to ask if she’s seen anything unusual in the house but she says she heard something outside call whisper her name. Yikes!

After the kids have gone to their rooms, the four adults hang for a while chatting but the questioning of Andy starts to get a bit too personal, prompting him to nearly leap out of his chair at Marcus, but Nicole stops him. Rose watches with concern and when Andy goes to get some hot water for tea, Marcus explains they are trying to provoke a response to know for sure if their services are truly needed, and a further line of questioning seems to confirm their suspicions especially when Marcus begins toying with Andy while talking about the rock that was found in the room upstairs. But after Andy gets heated again, Rose says this is not what she agreed to, betraying herself in the process, and Tomas — after seeing a vision of blood coming out of the tea kettle — tells Marcus that they really should leave.

The two go outside and Marcus prays with a visibly distressed Tomas, and in the house Rose tells Andy why she brought the priests in. But Andy seems okay with it now and he tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her like he did Nicole, so they go to the bedroom to get frisky. Which is hard to do when your dead wife is lurking about, first with her hands coming up through the mattress and around Rose’s throat, and then later laying next to and caressing Rose, telling Andy he’s getting a two-for-one deal (and bravo to actress Li Jun Li for being able to lay there and not react to Alicia Witt’s actions). But as Andy gets freaked out, things get freaky in the house. Rose is tossed off the bed and then levitates as Andy proceeds to put his own hands around her throat.

In the girls’ bedroom, Verity is asleep and Harper is looking out the window when someone grabs her. And of all the people or demons in the world, it turns out to be her mother! Could she have been what Harper heard whispering her name in the woods? How she found Harper is not really explained, nor how she got out of whatever facility she was in. She tells Harper they’re going to go away together and she’ll take care of her. But, if she makes a sound, mom is not going to be responsible for what happens to Verity as she brandishes a large carving knife. As the two make their way down the stairs, Marcus and Tomas burst in to stop them and all of a sudden everyone is levitating.


When they all hit the floor, the sound wakes Verity and the others and they run to the hallway to see what’s happening. Rose also hit the floor and hearing the commotion outside, she and Andy run to see what’s happening. Andy sees Harper’s mother and the knife, picks her up by the throat just like Truck had done to Verity and plunges the knife into her abdomen … ripping it straight up to her ribcage, and not with the sharp edge side of the blade. The priests tell the kids to get back in their rooms as they start trying to exorcise whatever is controlling Andy. But after appearing to be in some pain and distress, Andy suddenly becomes calm. Has the demon taken complete control?


Meanwhile in Chicago, Father Bennett and Mouse pay a visit to … Mrs. Walters! Unfortunately for her and the demon inside of her, Mrs. Walters has terminal cancer, not something the collective finds very useful. What they do find useful is Father Tomas, and the demon tells them — with the help of an IV full of holy water that makes for a particularly gruesome look for Walters — that their plan for him is coming along nicely. And then it has one other surprise for them by revealing that Mouse has some kind of personal history with Marcus. Before it can say more, Mouse shoots Mrs. Walters in the head (and I think this is the third head shot I’ve seen on TV this week). The resulting shockwave breaks windows and shatters a chandelier, and a large shard of glass is embedded in Bennett’s abdomen, right about at the same place where Andy began his gutting of Harper’s mother. Coincidence? He wants to know what Mouse knows about Bennett, but he may bleed out before she ever tells him the truth.

The Exorcist airs Friday nights at 9:00 PM ET on Fox.

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