An ancient evil bedevils The Exorcist


It may be a few days after Halloween, but Fox’s The Exorcist really delivered the scares this week as the evil entity in Andy’s house begins to grow stronger and reveal itself. The last episode threw us that curveball in revealing that little Grace was not real, and it’s interesting they used “There But For the Grace of God, Go I” as this episode’s title because Grace is anything but “of God.”

When last we saw Andy, he was running around the yard playing with Grace, but Verity obviously saw nothing but Andy running around, laughing like a lunatic. Then she discovered Grace’s room which had nothing but old artwork in it, presumably belonging to Andy’s late wife. When Andy came bounding into the room talking to Grace, Verity was there to bust him, making him realize that maybe he’s losing his grip on reality, but snapping at her that he’s allowed to have this space to grieve.

Meanwhile, Marcus decided to take Peter, the Fish & Wildlife guy, up on his offer to go on a boat ride. It also gave him a chance to ask Peter about any odd occurrences on the island … and did he get a story about a family murder spree. Luckily one of the surviving children is still alive, now in a senior care facility and she was able to relate to Marcus how her lovely father came home one night and murdered everyone. She managed to hide inside a kitchen cabinet, but she told Marcus that the person doing the killing was not her father, it was just wearing his skin like a suit, speaking in a raspy, foreign tongue alien to her father who barely finished eighth grade. Marcus told the woman he believed her story.

On the way back, Peter asked Marcus what it was he was escaping from. The ex-priest had some horrific stories of his childhood and the things he’d seen performing exorcisms and it was as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He finally had his moment of clarity, which led to a brief romantic moment with Peter. Unfortunately, Marcus didn’t let the moment progress because he had work to do.


Earlier, Father Tomas had phoned Marcus and was told of the incident involving the murders, and the two wondered if a demon could still be on the island more than fifty years later. It was not something either of them had experienced before, but Marcus warned Tomas not to go banging on Andy’s door in the middle of the night and scare them with these frightening stories. But Tomas had already spoekn to Rose, asking if she’d seen anything unusual or supernatural going on in the house. And Rose lied! To a priest! Okay, perhaps she just thought the shadow figure climbing up onto her bed was a dream, but perhaps it would have been worth mentioning.

Tomas, however, could not restrain himself and went to the house. But no chance of scaring anyone because Andy had decided to escape his own emotional breakdown by taking the kids camping, which didn’t seem to be the best idea considering new girl Harper was just getting acclimated to her new surroundings. And Shelby wasn’t too keen on the idea either, already fearing something evil was lurking in the woods. Everything seemed to be going well for them, but it wasn’t that way for Tomas.

Moving about the house, he was definitely experiencing some sort of activity — lights going off by themselves, rumbling, doors opening — not knowing that there was one very angry entity in the house. Whatever Grace is, it was not happy that Andy was acknowledging the little girl was not real or that he had practically abandoned her by taking everyone camping (and it inflicted some horrific physical wounds on him as payback). But it was definitely luring Tomas up to the room where Grace stayed but for what reason?

Back at the campsite, Truck had to relieve himself but after being gone for far too long, Verity went to look for him. Finding him in the old church building where the old well is located, Truck was banging his head on the wall over and over. Back at the house, we could see Grace banging a doll’s head on the wall (although Tomas could only hear the sound), controlling Truck’s actions. Verity tried to stop him, but Grace made him grab Verity by the throat and bang her against the wall. Tomas went into full exorcist mode demanding the entity to reveal itself, and it took him on a trip down memory lane, showing him the violent acts committed by the demon in human form on the island over the years. Returning to his own consciousness, the activity stopped.


Andy and Rose found Truck and Verity, and Truck seemed to come out of a trance, having no idea what had just happened. Andy said he’d take Verity to the doctor but … he ended up back at the house instead. Leaving Verity to basically fend for herself, he went up to Grace’s room and seeing the girl with her pillowcase mask on, demanded she leave the house. And then something new happened. The little girl appeared to grown, and when she walked out from behind the busted painting, Andy removed the mask to see … his dead wife Nicole! And she swore she’d never leave him again.

This was a pretty intense episode but it did leave us wondering about one thing in regards to Andy and Nicole. There was a rock in Grace’s room and when Andy picked it up, it definitely had some significance to him. Father Tomas also seemed to have some kind of reaction to touching the rock as well. Could this be a hint that Nicole perhaps did not commit suicide and that Andy, possessed by whatever has manifested itself as Grace, actually killed his wife? And is Grace the child she was carrying at the time of her death?

The Exorcist airs Friday nights at 9:00 PM ET on Fox.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did Andy kill his wife? Start a conversation in the comments section below!



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