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The commercial for this week’s The Exorcist at the end of Hell’s Kitchen promised us a scary episode and they pretty much delivered. It wasn’t so much as scream and jump scary, but there is a scenes to make your skin crawl and another that’ll give you goosebumps. Last season, we got the big twist in episode 5, and here we are four episodes in and they gave us a big bombshell. So, if you haven’t yet watched the show, stop now or forever be spoiled, because we can’t not address the twist.

So this week finds Father Bennett and Mouse bunking with the integrated Sister Dolores, Mouse keeping the demon at bay by playing a children’s recording of “Jesus Loves Me” on constant loop. The demon pretends it doesn’t bother it, but it does because we can see the relief on Dolores’ face when Bennett turns the music off. But while Bennett and Mouse are talking, the demon is listening closely, particularly when Bennett reveals that he has had success in Chicago bringing an integrated soul back, something previously thought impossible. Mouse knew of this because the demons talk and the one inside Dolores gave her that information. The Dolores demon, which did reveal its name to Bennett, Mejis, which he called as beautiful as the angel it once was — and apparently the demons are still miffed with God for becoming more attached to the humans he created than His Heavenly children (hmmm, will there be a Lucifer crossover at some point?) — later manages to attack Bennett as he attempts to show it some kindness by offering it some water and reveals its knowledge of “the old, gray lion and the cub” — a reference to Marcus and Tomas — and that the exorcists are the only thing standing between them and world domination. So killing them all is the plan, but Mouse and Bennett know there is one main fish to fry and they need its name. The demon tells Bennett he’s already met this demon, in Chicago, and it referenced it as a she. So it’s reasonable to expect we’ll see Mrs. Walters again at some point. But will Bennett and Mouse have to go it alone?

Because Marcus and Tomas are going to have their own hands full real soon. After rescuing Harper from her deranged mother in last week’s episode, the men are accompanying her and Rose to Andy’s group home on that small island off the coast of Washington. The bird attack is still puzzling, but a handsome gentleman from the Department of Fish and Wildlife blames it on climate change screwing up the birds’ built in GPS. Shelby still isn’t buying it. Between that and the deformed lamb, he sees omens all around. But Andy needs him to pull it together so they can welcome Harper into their home, something Grace is not on board with. At one point, Andy finds Grace standing at the open front door and she tells him Harper does not belong there and then things start rattling. There is definitely something in the house.


When Harper arrives, everyone welcomes her and Verity quickly takes the new girl under her wings, really stepping up to help Andy and to help Harper integrate into her new home environment. She even made the girl a night light with a remote control! Father Tomas was checking out the house when he felt the same rumbling as Andy experienced earlier, a picture rattling on the wall. Behind him we could see Grace with her pillowcase on, but she ran away before Tomas could turn to see her. Shelby appeared and tried to tell Tomas that things weren’t right on the island but he didn’t get to say more than a few vague things. And when Andy welcomed Harper into the home, they had a hand print ceremony, dipping Harper’s hand into some red paint so she could leave her mark on the wall with the other prints and always be a member of this family. Of course Tomas looked like he was hit by a ton of bricks when he saw the hand prints, remembering the vision the demon inside Cindy gave him.

Marcus was doing his own investigation around the island, noticing the massive cocoons in the trees, and seeing a few of the dead birds still littering the island. He comes upon the fish and wildlife guy, Peter, gathering samples and poking at the remains of some deep sea fish that had no business being on that rocky shore. The two made small talk, Peter told Marcus that there were more unexplained animal defects and behaviors than Andy knew of, and then he offered to take Marcus to see a condor’s nest in a protected area that he had access to because he’s the fish and wildlife guy. Peter was obviously trying to pick up Marcus, and it was cute. Marcus declined, however, but maybe the two will have a chance to go see that nest at some point. (And here’s a challenge to the show’s writers: don’t kill off the peripheral gay character!)

Marcus and Tomas have a heart-to-heart later that day and Tomas reveals that he talked to his sister and people from the church had been to see her. He knows now that people are looking for them, but the question is why? Well, we know why, but he doesn’t know that these people are all part of a bigger conspiracy, and Father Bennett may not be able to contact them with his newly discovered information.

While all the kids are at school, Grace asks Andy if she can be his favorite. Of course when you’re the “parent” of a group of kids all with their own special needs you can’t really pick one as your favorite, but she persists, putting an offer on the table that if she goes outside can she be his favorite. Next thing you know, she’s outside and actually enjoying herself and Andy and Grace start running around the property. Verity comes home and she hears Andy laughing outside. She looks out the window with a puzzled look on her face, but we don’t see what she’s seeing.

Later that night, Rose is sleeping but she hears something that wakes her up. A shadowy figure is standing at the foot of her bed and she thinks it’s Andy. But the figure suddenly crouches down and begins crawling up on the bed towards her. The light beside the bed isn’t working but she manages to turn the light on her cell phone on and the shadow vanishes. What the hell was that?! I’ve had my own experiences with dark figures above my face while I was trying to go to sleep, so this was a particularly unnerving scene. Needless to say, Rose ends up in the kitchen trying to shake it off and Andy joins her. The finally have a talk about their feelings and kiss. Will Andy be able to convince Rose to give up her job and stay with him there since he legally cannot run a foster home without a second guardian?

Andy goes up to Grace’s room to get her all tucked in, but Verity seems perplexed by Andy’s actions. After he exits, she goes upstairs. The first thing that jumps out at the viewer is the door to Grace’s room is bare. When Andy was there it had decorations on it. Opening the door, Verity — and we — see there is no child’s bedroom. There is no Grace. There is just the remnants of Andy’s late wife’s artwork. This room apparently was her studio. So Grace does not exist! Who, or what, is she?


Thinking back now, there were clues that Grace was not there. She’s never interacted with the other kids, she did not join the family for dinner when Rose first arrived, and during this week’s scene when Andy was telling the kids about Harper’s arrival, Grace was sitting on Verity’s bed but when she said she didn’t want someone new coming into the house, Andy did not directly acknowledge her remark, nor did he turn when Grace walked out of the room upset. He only reacted emotionally after she left the room and left before he broke down in front of the kids. So this was a nice reveal to something that had been under our noses the entire time. That’s some good writing, acting and production and why more people don’t watch this show, I have no clue. Horror on network television is rarely done well, but the team behind The Exorcist are doing a hell of a job (pun intended).

And if you’re curious about this episode’s title, “One for Sorrow,” it’s taken from an old British poem about magpies, but it’s also been used in the 1996 film The Crow: City of Angels to reference crows (among many other films, TV shows, books and songs), and it certainly applies to the crows here:

One for sorrow,
Two for mirth
Three for a funeral,
Four for birth
Five for heaven
Six for hell
Seven for the devil, his own self

The Exorcist airs Friday nights at 9:00 PM ET on Fox.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you see the Grace twist coming? Start a conversation in the comments section below!



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