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The second episode of the second season of The Exorcist really picked up steam and laid the foundation for what’s to come this season as far as Father Tomas, Marcus and the foster home kids are concerned. And we finally got the return of Father Bennett who the last time we saw him had a plastic bag over his head and was left to bleed out and/or suffocate, whichever came first. How he survived that ordeal as he was about to expose those in league with the Devil inside the Vatican is still a mystery.

But Father Bennett has spent the last six months putting together his evidence to implicate those within the church who are not simply possessed by demons but are now fully integrated, meaning no exorcism can separate the human soul from the demon. There are some within the church supportive of Bennett’s mission but there is a conspiracy deep within the Vatican and when he’s pulled, not quite prepared, in front of a tribunal to present his evidence, they have a surprise for him … Cardinal Caro, who was behind the attempt on Bennett’s life. It’s obvious that the Tribunal has been compromised when they allow Caro to put on a show of drinking some holy water that he’s blessed himself! Yeah, because if you’re integrated with a demon, your blessing over some water isn’t going to mean a whole hell of a lot. Of course there is no reaction, and Caro gives Bennett a sly wink as he’s basically dismissed from the room. Bennett’s confidant is later detained by the Vatican guard and Bennett warns Marcus that he and Tomas need to get away from wherever they are because people will come looking for them.


Marcus and Tomas, of course, are still trying to convince the husband of Cindy that she’s got a demon inside of her, but he just thinks they’ve poisoned her so he’s taken her to the hospital. With dire warnings of death and destruction if she’s left unchecked, the husband leaves the men tied to a post and says if she dies, they die. But in what he thinks is a tender moment, Cindy goes full demon on her husband which prompts him to get the priests to the hospital ASAP. Demon Cindy has a hostage from whom she takes a bite from his cheek and then slits his throat, scurrying up the wall and into the ceiling, destination: the nursery. The demon knows that Cindy is still reeling from the loss of her baby and as Marcus gets distracted for a moment and lets the demon get the upper hand on him, Tomas sings “Walking After Midnight” to her to bring Cindy back a bit, long enough for him to go inside her consciousness again and fight the demon inside. They ultimately win — but we don’t know if they vanquished the demon or if it just went elsewhere — but there are cracks in the foundation of their relationship with Marcus believing Tomas is simply being inexperienced and petulant while Tomas believes he has a gift from God that allows him to go into the minds of the possessed. While inside Cindy’s mind, the demon told Tomas that Marcus was afraid of him so the question is does Tomas believe what a demon tells him is true, and can the two begin working together as a team? Because if they can’t, all Hell is sure to break loose. And now they have to get out of town quickly, hitting the road to Washington state.


And that seems to be about to happen at Andy Kim’s foster home on the island off the coast of Washington. He’s still trying to piece together the events from the previous night that had blind Caleb standing over a well in the middle of the night, putting his life in danger. He won’t talk about it with anyone, and it’s not making a good impression on Rose who is there to check on and make decisions about the children’s welfare. She believes Caleb may be suicidal, but Andy does his best to convince her that he’s not. Caleb finally talks to Andy and tells him that Verity led him out to the well and then left him there. That doesn’t sit well with Andy so he confronts the girl who denies everything. But Andy doesn’t seem to believe her and that puts their relationship in jeopardy, and gives little Grace even more anxiety. But if Verity is telling the truth then who, or what, led Caleb to the well?

Another of the residents, Shelby, was invited to come to a neighboring farm to watch the birth of a lamb but things went horribly wrong with a horrifically deformed beast being born. This thing was frightening! And the only thing the farmer could do was quickly put it out of its misery with a pitchfork. On his way back to the house that evening, Shelby walked through the dark woods reading his Bible while hearing bizarre, scary noises around him. In the house, Andy hears a banging outside and goes to investigate, finding two bloody handprints on the door. Then he sees Shelby standing on the lawn, holding the dead lamb, telling Andy that the Bible says lamb’s blood will protect the house … because there is something in the woods.

Is your skin crawling yet? This was a pretty intense episode. They are really pulling out all the stops to make this a truly terrifying season!

The Exorcist airs Friday nights at 9:00 PM ET on Fox.

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