The Big Bang Theory proves chivalry is not dead, if asteroid-naming is a thing



While the primary focus of the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory titled “The Sales Call Sublimation” was Leonard going to therapy, with guest star Jane Kaczmarek, in order to help further Penny’s career as a pharmaceutical sales rep, I enjoyed the subplot involving Sheldon and Raj discovering an asteroid and Sheldon deciding to name it after Amy a lot more. As someone who has always yearned to have a lover name a star after me, I thought it was impossibly romantic and further proof of the solidarity of Shamy. However, Leonard and Penny may be in for an even bumpier ride in their marriage … if some of their therapy revelations are to be taken seriously that is.

While Sheldon may have treated the issue of naming the asteroid after Amy a bit callously when discussing it with Raj, it was still a monumental token of his affection – and one that she is sure to remember for quite some time, no matter how many times he annoys her or unknowingly ignores her and her feelings in the future. As someone who always idolized George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life for saying he’d attempt to lasso the moon for his beloved, trust me, any gesture involving space is considered a Herculean gift of epic proportions in my starry-eyed mind.

If George and the Christmas Star or Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer taught me anything in my youth, it’s that you can’t actually own a star because their beauty is not meant to be contained by just one person. The night sky is a universal beauty meant to be enjoyed by all. And it’s somewhat comforting when you stop to think about that. I realize the “star-naming kits” out there are a scam of sorts. They might just use the same star coordinates over and over, but even if they don’t, you can’t be too terribly territorial of something that’s light years away that you’ll never be able to visit, touch, feel or smell. There may not be any “official validity” of naming a star after a person, but it’s still a chivalrous notion – and what this world needs more of is chivalry. I wish I had a boyfriend capable of discovering an asteroid, or at the very least, one who would take the time to name a star after little old me.

Poet Sarah Williams once observed, “I’ve loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” What is it about the stars that capture the hearts and minds of mankind so? For centuries, we’ve been stargazing and dreaming of exploring other planets and universes perhaps to glean some sort of truth about ourselves and the human experience as a whole. We want there to be life out there among the stars so we’re not left completely alone to our own devices. Whether they prove to be benevolent or malevolent in nature, the majority of us want aliens to exist and make their existence known to us once and for all. What’s the famous saying from The X-Files (which is about to make a return to FOX because so many of us love to watch programs devoted to exploring extraterrestrial life and other unknown phenomena)? “I want to believe.” The same as the majority of us want to believe the act of naming a star – or an asteroid – is a meaningful gesture, even if it is a bit empty-handed.



I also want to believe that Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a bit more chivalrous deep down than even he realizes himself. There are a few supporting facts indicating this. One, he hasn’t regaled his nerdy cronies with details of the coitus that occurred between him and Amy in the last episode. Two, he seemed to really miss her while she was away at the conference (their Skype call was adorable). Third, I doubt he will actually make her uphold their end of the bargain to name all of their hypothetical children after Rajesh (that was the deal for naming the asteroid after Amy instead of Raj’s equally worthy girlfriend). And finally, does anyone else remember “The Colonization Application” episode last season in which he told her, “If I’m going to a barren, lifeless environment where the chances of survival are slim-to-none, I want you there with me.” I could totally see Sheldon and Amy colonizing Mars together.

I think out of all the couples on The Big Bang Theory, Shamy makes the most sense and that’s why I continue to root for them. I don’t really care to see Leonard and Penny having marital woes. Therapy is probably a good idea for them on the surface, but I hope it doesn’t ultimately drive them back apart. We don’t need another Ross/Rachel thing happening on TV. That’s been beat to death already. If Howard and Bernadette were able to develop Empty Nest Syndrome over Stuart moving out, then perhaps they are ready to have a child together, and I’d like to see this happen for them. I’m hoping Raj is either given more screen time with his girlfriend or they find him a better match/storyline. He needs to be better utilized because I can’t even remember a single thing about Emily. But for now, they’ve satiated my need to see Sheldon and Amy’s relationship continue to blossom (and no, I couldn’t resist that pun).

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