Tempers wear thin on The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race is tough, no doubt about it, and it’s even more tough when you’re thrust into the game with a complete stranger. You have no idea what each others’ personalities will be like and there’s no time to get to know each other before you’re off on an around the world adventure. Everyone was teamed up by first sight, and most of them have managed to get along pretty well.

Take Matt & Redmond. These two guys are like bros who’ve known each other forever and are working together like a well-oiled machine. At the other end of the spectrum was Ashton & Vanck who struggled to connect and when they finally did, they got eliminated. It’s probably safe to say that Becca & Floyd are this season’s darlings, living up to their Team Fun hashtag, rarely letting anything the race throws at them get them down.


One team that seemed to be doing well was Liz & Michael. They’ve really bonded like siblings and things were just peachy until they had to drive themselves a couple of legs ago. Liz is not the best map reader and Michael isn’t the most calm when he’s not getting the input he wants. They managed to put that behind them in the previous leg, but as they arrive in Greece for this leg they find out they once again have to self-drive to a location. Map in hand, they had to cross a specific bridge to get to the next clue, and they had three teams following them. At a fork in the road, Liz & Michael went left much to everyone’s surprise because they all went right. We pretty much didn’t see Liz & Michael for the rest of the episode as they wandered through the hills of Greece while everyone else was at the beach. And tempers flared because Michael refused to turn around, thinking they’d have another chance to make a right turn. They didn’t and he finally had to turn around. Oh yeah, and there is a Double U-Turn ahead.

Now Liz & Michael had escaped elimination once when the leg they had finished last wasn’t really over. Phil just gave them another clue at the Pit Stop. In the last leg, they were also spared by a non-elimination … which meant they also had a Speed Bump ahead. Knowing this, no team would have the heart to U-Turn them, would they?


Meet Brooke & Scott, a semi-functional team that has had its ups and downs along the way but they’re still in it. And they U-Turned Liz & Michael. After Michael helped Brooke make her ladle a few legs back. Had he not done that, she and Scott most likely would have been eliminated. So this is the thanks they get, and even after Brooke swore she’d never U-Turn them as thanks for Michael’s help. Karma, hopefully, will be swift (sorry Scott). It was a Double U-Turn, so Liz & Michael had company after Tara & Joey U-Turned Team Fun. How dare they!

The teams not U-Turned had to choose one of two Detours: For the Bride, which required them to take a donkey and two cans of milk to two women somewhere in the town and retrieve two pieces of cheese to bring back to the bride, or For the Groom, which had them run up several hundred steps to get a baby goat and a lamb to bring back for the groom. The U-Turned teams had to do both. Surprisingly, everyone chose For the Bride, even though working with animals is notoriously difficult. But the donkeys were surprisingly cooperative.


After the Detour, teams had to go to the Panathenaic Stadium and take a victory lap to receive their next clue. While everyone else was doing that, Liz & Michael finally got to the Detour and saw they had been U-Turned which really sent them into an emotional tailspin. So much so that when they did the For the Groom part, they only brought back one animal and had to go back for the second, passing Becca & Floyd who had managed to catch up after their own adventures in driving.

At the Road Block, one team member had to learn some complicated military choreography, precisely mirroring the pro in a sort of changing of the guard ritual. Surprisingly, it seemed that most of them got through the task in no more than two tries, and a few even did it on the first attempt. Ironically, military officer Tara took two tries to get everything just right. After completing the Road Block, it was on to The Acropolis and the Pit Stop.


As the sun began to set, Tara and Joey arrived in first place, followed by Matt & Redmond in second. I’m curious to know how far behind Brooke & Scott were in third because night had fallen at this point, and Becca & Floyd and Liz & Michael were just getting to the stadium for the lap. At the stadium, Liz & Michael met their Speed Bump — wrapping a skewer of organ meats in intestines on a food truck. Yum. But Michael is a butcher by profession so they actually whipped through the challenge even though Liz was on the verge of hurling, but this put them dead last as Becca & Floyd completed their lap and moved on to the Road Block.


Meanwhile, London & Logan finished fourth, Becca & Floyd took fifth and Liz & Michael did finish — no visit from Phil mid-Road Block — in last place … and this time there was no safety net. But even after their emotionally tough start to the day, the two ended the race as close as a brother and sister, putting all of their differences behind them. They may not have won The Amazing Race, but they got a life-long friendship in exchange. At least they went out with a smile on their faces.

What did you think of this episode? Who is your favorite team? Tell us in the comments below!

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