The Double U-Turn rears its ugly head on The Amazing Race


I hate the U-Turn on The Amazing Race. Hate it! Most people never use it correctly, targeting the wrong teams but this time it actually was applied to two strong teams with disappointing results, at least for this fan of the show.

When teams left Sao Paulo and headed for Zanzibar — a flight across an ocean and a continent! — they all knew there was a Double U-Turn immediately ahead when they got their first clue. Usually, no one knows when it will pop up during a leg, but everyone seemed to be in the know this time and, after all being equalized by being on the same flight, they all raced as quickly as they could to get to the U-Turn.

The best of the racing came between Vanck & Ashton and Matt & Redmond. #TheBoys were actually ahead of Vanck& Ashton, but were passed by their cab as the guys were a bit over-confident in themselves. It was fun to see their egos deflate a bit. The first team to reach the U-Turn were Tara & Joey who decided to put up the perceived strongest team, Seth & Olive. I say perceived because … they’ve won one leg and came in fourth on the second. I think they’re judged as strong just because of their physical appearance. I am not happy with #TeamMomandDad for putting up my favorites!

Vanck & Ashton were right behind Tara & Joey and exacted their revenge for screwing them over at the helipad, putting Matt & Redmond up at the second U-Turned team. And then it got ugly with Redmond turning into a complete bully, verbally assaulting the team for making a strategic move that was also deeply personal. But Matt & Redmond are an obviously strong team as well and it would have been stupid had anyone not given them the U-Turn.


The Detours this time were less physical than the previous ones but required a lot of patience. One choice was “Build It,” which required teams to build two desks for a local school and then learn a few phrases in the local language. The other choice was “Weave It” which required teams to weave two carry bags from palm fronds. Most of the teams chose to build the desks because anyone who’s put together something from Ikea should be able to do that. Weaving is more specific and although London was excited to weave because of her art background, she quickly found it more difficult than imagined and she and Logan switched to “Build It.” Matt & Redmond did “Weave It” so Seth & Olive did “Build It” so they weren’t busy focusing on the other U-Turned team.

And that may have been a good decision because they finished the desk challenge first and joined the weaving challenge before Matt & Redmond finished. But it wasn’t long before they did and the pair headed to the desk challenge where they absolutely killed it, passing several teams who had been there before them. The weaving challenge was completely out of Seth & Olive’s wheelhouse, and they ended up being the last team to finish the Detour.


At the Roadblock, “What’s For Dinner?”, one team member had to gather items at a local market and present them to a home cook. Simple enough … if you know the language. And have the right money. Some teams lucked out in having the locals gather all of their needs, and we able to pay in American dollars. With only two teams left at the Detour, it really did come down to money. For Sara & Shamir, they were grossly overcharged by their cab driver and then again by the vendors. Sara did not have enough money to buy all of her items and had to pitch a fit to get reimbursed. Olive only had US dollars and money from Brazil and had to convince the vendors that they could exchange the currency just so they could get out of there.


Meanwhile, teams were hitting the Pit Stop with Liz & Michael taking first place for a second leg. Perhaps this is the team — which was saved only by a penalty for another team in the first leg — that should have been U-Turned. Second place went to Tara & Joey and third place went to Vanck & Ashton … with Matt & Redmond only seconds behind them for fourth place. More ugliness came with them. After this behavior, I was really hoping the U-Turn would have taken them out.

Becca & Floyd were right behind in fifth place, Logan & London arrived in sixth place with Brooke & Scott in seventh. However, it came to Phil’s attention that Becca & Floyd did not have their passports and could not be checked in until they did, because if you have no passport you cannot continue the race. The news brought out a bit of rage in Becca that was shocking as she made a gesture of punching Floyd in the face. In the meantime, they lost their spot in fifth, moving the two teams behind them up a spot and putting Shamir & Sara in seventh while Becca & Floyd still searched for their passports.


This gave us a little glimmer of hope for Seth & Olive who decided to run to the Pit Stop instead of risk being caught in traffic. Unfortunately, that decision may have been the wrong one because they did not beat Becca & Floyd to the Pit Stop. Their cab driver returned the passports, Becca took charge of them, and they were bumped down to eighth place, knocking Seth & Olive out of the race for good, taking a good team and leaving us with a pair of bullies.

And can someone please call Shamir a waaaaaaaaaaambulance? He’s still going on about his junk and the harness, and this week he got a splinter while building the desk. And then he had absolutely no idea how to carry the desk with his partner, holding it in the middle, acting like an axis so the thing pivoted back and forth, while yelling at Sara for not being in the right place. There was nowhere for her to comfortably hold the desk with him in the middle. Please let this team go home soon. Nothing against Sara, but Shamir is a cry-baby.

Next time, tempers flare even more in a two-hour episode.

What did you think of this episode? Did the U-Turn turn out the way you’d hoped? Did he right team get eliminated? Tell us in the comments below!

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