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Previously on Survivor, Ben found an idol and played double agent, although he was perceived as a threat, but ultimately Joe (and earlier JP) was voted out.

So … why did Lauren lose? Sometimes it’s many things, but this time was pretty simple: She trusted the wrong person. If she hadn’t given her half idol to Dr. Mike, she could’ve used the idol to save herself, which would’ve been quite dramatic. She was also a big threat, a decent challenge competitor, a solid strategic thinker, and the holder of a very useful advantage.

She played pretty well overall, but unfortunately, her mistakes were too big and her game play not strong enough. Ben would’ve lost this week if he didn’t have that idol, so I’m not giving him any credit for nearly losing, but the fact is that he did not lose. He tried to reconnect with Chrissy, but at first he was playing far too personally. Although I do like how both he and Chrissy were getting furious at each other, it’s fun to watch.

I feel like Dr. Mike is just playing a nutty game at this point, just trying anything and everything to stay in the game. I wouldn’t call it good game play, but it’s certainly entertaining. Now what about that loved ones visit?


As per usual, it’s emotional and always humanizing to see, helping us connect more with these goofballs. Even Ashley acknowledges that she needs a “resume” in the game (but she probably can’t this late). The marble guessing game challenge was not that fun, but on the other hand, the immunity challenge was a lot better, with Lauren’s obvious-not-obvious throwing of it to find her shell and Devon and Ashley revealing how deep their alliance is, to the point that a massage was offered for throwing it.

I think that there’s a lot of hurried, confident game play going on right now, and I love watching the paranoia and scrambling, but it’s not exactly the best playing I’ve seen. Last week’s double agent play was a true masterwork, and I doubt anything on the season will match that level again.


Chrissy is always shown as playing with a lot of emotion, but it doesn’t make her look good. She’s another “playing hard” character who isn’t really going to be an all-time great, but I do like those Survivor fans that don’t crash and burn in the first few weeks. Ryan is playing decently, more carefully than Chrissy, but he’s not in the best place. He could do well, but it’s tricky.

I think at this point Ben is such a threat, there’s almost no chance he’ll manage to survive another week. But perhaps he’ll pull it off, I don’t know. Overall, a very fun episode, and finally the season has a bit of a streak of good episodes. If we can keep this going, the season will be pretty good overall.

Catch up with this week’s eliminated players at the Survivor Ponderosa.


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