Survivor blindsides the audience with some tricky but successful editing


Previously on Survivor, Levu was split, Cole ate like a pig, at Soko Ryan had split loyalties and ended up voting with Chrissy against Roark betraying Ali’s trust.

Well done, Survivor editors. I legitimately thought JP was definitely going home, so ya got me! So why did Ali lose?

This one is a bit tough. She was in a precarious position, being in a position where nobody wanted her to stay in the game. Ryan betrayed her, so it’s a risk to keep her in the game. Ali mentioned her connection with Devon to Chrissy, which is a risky play too. If she can be trusted, that means another ally, but if not, it means another vote against you. And JP has it in his head that Ali is the enemy, so he’s already against her.

She pushed hard with Ryan and Chrissy to stay in the game, but ultimately, Ryan (and Chrissy) decided she was a liability more than JP, the potential challenge beast, was a liability. It seemed like they decided that JP would be easily swayed in the future, which isn’t that stupid. Although Ali was a strong player, she had a bad hand.


On Yawa, there were a few very interesting pieces. Mike had an extremely strong episode, catching fish, helping Cole recover, and forming a close agreement with Ben and Lauren. Jessica said that she couldn’t help but admit caring about Cole, someone that has twice betrayed her trust. Can she really trust him again, despite the fainting spell? This sort of cold-blooded strategic talk was great, and I was glad the episode didn’t overly dramatize what happened.


Levu isn’t as interesting this time, showing split alliances and Desi revealing that she doesn’t really trust Joe that much at all. Joe shows himself an effective idol finder by uncovering a second one, which is impressive considering how much attention was paid to his activities. He was shown discussing his children, which seems like a way to get us to empathize with him more. I’m not there.

Ryan had the episode where he did well, all things considered, but also screwed up a lot. He did poorly in the challenges and wasn’t particularly politic with Ali. He’s crafty but exposed as such. I feel like he faces anti-strategist bias later on as we go past the merge.


The two challenges were exciting and interesting, especially the immunity, which was just hard enough to get a few tense back and forth sequences. It was a good episode, with some great character building and interesting strategic discussions. I feel like we’re finally getting a good handle on this latest cast.

Next time, it’s merge time and everyone’s a target.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did the tribe make the right move in voting out Ali? Tell us what you think!

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  1. At least they didn’t vote off any cute boys, which is the only reason I’m watching. That, and Ryan’s huge schlong. :)